November 21, 2018


Reconquista, Santa Fe, Argentina


Hermana Ttupa

"I know you haven't made your mind up yet, but I would never do you wrong"

Super late P-day this week. I have just notified my mom that I am not dead and that she doesn't have to come to Argentina looking for me. A lot happened this week.

1. So it rained A LOT again this week and the streets were very flooded. When it rains a lot the frogs and toads and snakes come out to play. So as we walked we came upon a bunch of little boys hunting frogs. We approached them and asked them what they were doing. They showed us the process of finding and capturing a frog. Then they proceeded to beat them to a pulp with a stick. That's an image I will NEVER get out of my head.

2. We had an awesome charla with Adrian this week. We talked about Baptism and he promised us he would start praying about it. He bore us his testimony about prayer and told about how one day his brother and sister in law were fighting and he left the room and said a prayer on their behalf. He told us that 3 minutes later everything went back to normal and that the discontent had vanished. I am so grateful for a Father in Heaven who blesses us with little experiences like that. Hermana Ttupa and I went home and screamed into our pillows because we were so happy. He is progressing a lot, which we are super grateful for.

3. After our really good day, we had a really bad day. Yes those do exist for missionaries too. Literally all of our plans fell through and we had to contact the entire day. Usually that wouldn't be a problem but NOBODY wanted to listen to us. The only one who wanted to listen to us was this older lady who was VERY crazy. We ended up standing in the sun for an hour talking to her because I felt bad. It was obvious that she was lonely and we had no other charlas to get to soooo it worked out I guess. This taught me a little lesson in the balance of life. Know the bad to treasure the good.. that's what they say. I think God needed to take a day and tell us, "hey humble yourselves... you aren't going to have days like yesterday always." Well it worked, lesson learned and now we are moving on.

4. WE HAD THE BAPTISM OF LEANDRO THIS WEEK!!! pictures included. Super beautiful service. Went very smoothly.

5. The hermanas in Vera (Hermana Lucas and Ubaldo) brought us some Ostrich eggs.

6. I had the opportunity to welcome a brand new missionary as my companion. I went on Monday to pick her up and she is sooo awesome. Her name is Hermana Crismon. She is from Utah but was born in Puerto Rico. She knows a decent amount of Spanish. She is already impressing me with her desire to be a good missionary. I included a line from Bob Dylan's song "To make you feel my love" because it seems accurate as a "mom". When you first get to the mission, it's pretty overwhelming, you don't know what is going on most of the time, but much like our father in heaven, my job now is to make her feel my love. And more importantly his. I will keep you all updated on our happenings. Anyways, that's all I had for you. I will leave you with a quote I found this week that I loved.

"The two most important days in our lives are the day you are born and they day you find out why."

I hope you all have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving. LOVE YOU!

Hermana Stirling


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