November 5, 2018


Reconquista, Santa Fe, Argentina


Hermana Ttupa

Stress level: investigators attending church for the first time on fast sunday

Hey friends. Another p-day has arrived and I have more happenings here in Reconquista.

1. So, as my topic line indicates.. WE HAD INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH THIS WEEK! We were standing outside waiting as we do every week and we watched as Adrian walked through the gate. We get him seated by a member and returned outside just in time to see Leandro walk up with a WHITE BUTTON UP SHIRT AND A BOOK OF MORMON IN HAND! Wow, what a feeling. However, I was praying literally the entire meeting that no one would say anything too out there in their testimony. The Lord heard my prayer and then some. After the meeting Adrian told us, "All this time I saw this chapel here and I never knew that it was like this. I felt something I have never felt before.. I wish I would have known earlier." He then told us that when he was young he would always come and play soccer on the field beside the church. He had always heard that the "Mormons" were really good at soccer. As missionaries do, one day they challenged this little group of kids to a game. If they won, they had to listen for 5 minutes to a message they shared. You can guess what happened. It seems to me that for Adrian, God has tried mulitiple times to reach out to him but I guess right now is the right time for him. Adrian is super prepared and today he wants us to meet his daughter. He told us he will come back next week, so we will see what happens. Earlier this week, he told us that he had knelt down and said a prayer. He promised the Lord that he would go to church. That is what got him there in the first place. We are super happy about the progress he is making.

2. We snapped a pic next to a real ARG Air Force plane which fought for the Malvinas. aka the Falkland Islands. It makes me laugh super hard because according to the Argentines it is their land but ask anyone else and it belongs to England.

3. The Rama had a baptism this week and we took a cute pic with lots of the members.

4. So we made the mistake of giving a dog food outside of our apartment a few days ago. Well now she waits for us every night. And this dog is GIGANTIC. Literally the size of my companion. So now in order to keep the dog from entering our pension one of us has to distract the dog while the other one sneaks in and gets food to throw out the window while the other one gets into the pension. It is pretty funny but also a little bit terrifying because this dog could easily eat us.

5. With my companion this week we shared a video with some of our inactive families. It talks about how the rain is like how God blesses us. Every drop of rain is like a blessing that he showers upon us. But sometimes, we use our umbrellas (weaknesses, doubts, fear, and sins) prevent the rain from getting to us. I want to testify of this to all of you. God is CONSTANTLY pouring blessings upon us.. so PUT AWAY YOUR UMBRELLAS! Let it get to you. I love you all. Have a great week.

Love, Hermana Stirling


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