October 15, 2018


Reconquista, Santa Fe, Argentina


Hermana Ttupa

"and they looked as if they knew not where to go"

First week in Reconquista was so full of miracles! Each point of interest this week will explain a miracle that we saw.

1. Our pension is currently without AC and long story short they said no one would be able to come until this week. That is very bad news in the summer here. But, I think God pulled a few strings up there because the whole week was cold and rainy. All 4 of us hermanas were pretty pleased with that.

2. We were contacting Wednesday morning, trying to find our way around when a woman sitting outside her house yells out at us and says, "Hey are you the mormons?". We walked over and said yes but no. Turns out she had been seeing missionaries for years pass her house. We shared a message with her and then continued down the street. About 5 minutes later another lady yells out to us, "Are you guys the new ones?". We found out that she was a less active member who we did not know about. That happens a lot here because the record keeping isn't the best haha. We came in and talked to her and her to sons who are also members. They are 21 and 16. We invited them back to church and they told us they would come. One of her sons was chosen to say a prayer before we left. He spoke in a really soft voice and during his prayer he said, "Father thank you for sending the Hermanas back to us. We have really missed them." I felt like hugging him after that. They ended up coming this Sunday to church. The hermana shared her testimony during Sacrament Meeting. She stood up, grabbed the pulpit and said, "I´m back." I was laughing pretty hard when she said that because she was so direct. That is a common characteristic of Argentines.

3. So on Saturday we go to a lunch with a member and as we are sitting down at the table and the Hermana announces that we would be eating Surubi. A famous (expensive) fish here. I wanted to cry a little. Luckily she gave me the biggest one so that was awesome. I said a silent prayer for help to hide my disgust. So the miracle here is that I ate the WHOLE THING. The entire fish. Hermana Ttupa was laughing so hard after because she was like you ate more than me and I like fish. I don't like to leave food on the plate because the members work so hard to give us food.

4. We had a baptism this week! Paulo was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The thing about Paulo is that he never learned to read. It just goes to show that the most humble of us are the ones who the spirit can talk to more easily. It was kind of sad because no members came to his baptism. Luckily, we were 6 missionaries and the person who baptized him. When Paulo was in the font, the hermano finished the prayer and Paulo wasn´t plugging his nose. The hermano was trying to explain that he was going to regret that but Paulo just wanted to go under. He went under and came back up sputtering and spitting. He looked up at the elders and said, "Did I pass". We were all laughing pretty hard. He is so humble and happy. He kept telling us that he did this for his family. They don't really support him but he knew it was right.

5. We had an awesome charla with a lady named Pamela and her friend Mauricio this week. We were there for like 2 hours talking about the Plan of Salvation. They had a lot of questions for us. They told us that their whole lives they have been looking for answers their whole lives. They told us they didn't know where else to look. It made me think a lot about Lehi's vision. He said that he saw his family and "they looked like they knew not where to go." There are so many people who want the truth but don't know where to look. That is why I am here. I have been blessed with the truth from a young age. I pray my efforts can bring the truth to the people here. Pamela told us that she had thought a lot about the previous charla and had even prayed to know if it was true. She told us she didn't receive an answer. We told her that there is a specific manner in which we pray. (This is the point when people usually start to fight with us or stop listening.) Her response was short. "Oh. Alright what is the correct way. Will you write it down for me?" That kind of humility and openness is very rare. They both promised us that they would pray. Ending our prayer in the name of Jesus Christ is so important. Christ himself promised us that all that we ask in his name will be given us. I know this is true. The father is waiting to bless us if we will humble ourselves and ask. He loves you and so do I. Thank you for the love and support. Have a great week.

Love, Hermana Stirling


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