October 9, 2018


Reconquista, Santa Fe, Argentina


Hermana Ttupa

President Nelson throws more curve balls than Sandy Kofax

Hello team. This is Hermana Stirling coming at ya live from my BRAND NEW AREA!! But more on that later. Week in review is as follows..

1. We went with an hermano this week to give priesthood blessings to the Familia Leyes. It was pretty awesome because this family hardly ever accepts help in any way but they told us they would really appreciate a blessing. So we called Hermano Rauch and he told us he would meet us there the next day. I don't know if there's something in the air here but people tend to be very forgetful so you can imagine our surprise when Hermano Rauch was there waiting for us. The spirit was very strong and I know it meant a lot to the family.

2. We finished the puzzle! (yes this is important).

3. Hermana Palomino made me my favorite Peruvian dish (Aji de Gallina) this week because we knew we would not be staying together.

4. General Conference! Where do I even begin with this one. How blessed we are to have a modern day prophet and apostles. To be 100% honest I like conference a lot better as a missionary. I got to be part of the gringo room and hear the apostles speak to me in my language. Hearing a prayer in English was weird for all of us. I am sure you have already heard 300 missionaries tell you what they thought about conference so I will keep this short. Here are my faves..
- Neil L. Anderson talking about our mortal trials.. something that is applicable to everyone. I loved the scripture he shared, "We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;"

- Jack N. Gerard's comments on the Great and Spacious Building.. There are so many people and things that are constantly attacking us and if we even loosen our grip on the truth, just for a greater look, it can be disastrous.

- Dale G. Renlund´s insight " Satan's ways bring misery, eventually and always. Christ's ways bring hope and love, eventually and always."

- WASHINGTON COUNTYYYYY! Basically everyone in Argentina rolls their eyes when another temple in Utah is announced but I was basically screaming (as reverently as possible haha).

5. Now we have arrived to the topic of transfers. After 1 year I have finally left the city of Resistencia. I am now 5 hours south in Santa Fe Reconquista. My companion is Hermana Ttupa from Peru. We live with 2 other hermanas. That will be interesting haha. I know little to nothing about anything here. Oh well time to lose myself in the wo(area)rk. It was pretty hard to leave Pal (who is training for the third time but changes are inevitable. Anyways, this is getting kind of long. I know this church is true. That is why I am here. Have a good week todos. Your favorite missionary sends you all lots of love.

Hermana Stirling


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