March 19, 2018


Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina (Barrio 3)


Hermana Lucas

It's cold today in Resistencia / I hope you are all ready for the second coming

So I don't want to alarm you all... but I actually had to wear a jacket today. I am still unsure of what this means exactly but I think it's along the lines of the world is ending. I will still send my points of interest so that if any of you have some time to do leisure reading while dodging the raining fire and brimstone, you will have this email. best regards :)

1. So one of our investigators has been sick so Hermana Lucas (being the perfect human that she is) decided we should make him some soup. we are no Betty Crocker so we went and bought soup mix and just added water. It was pretty late at night when we finished and so we had to take a remis in order to bring it to him. As we were getting into the remis, Hermana Lucas realized the Tupperware that we put the soup in had a hole in the bottom. Needless to say, I think Hermana Lucas' skirt got more soup than Adrian did but the moral of this story is that we missionaries will do anything and everything for our investigators.

2. Hermana Lucas and I made corn this week. Literally for Sunday lunch all we ate was corn. Probably the best meal I have had my whole mission

3. We got A TON of rain here in "Resi" this week which was amazing.

4. These two little kids in the pictures are Lurdis and Ian. They are two kids of one of my favorite people ever Sofia. She is our investigator who is amazing. Please pray for her and her family that they can feel the presence of God in their lives and that they can come to understand the truthfulness of the gospel.

5. In my personal study I was reading in the Book of Mormon. I just read Alma chapter 24 which is amazing. Basically Alma and his people are in captivity. They are suffering much affliction and their burdens are very heavy. It gets to the point where they spend their days praying vocally for the Lord to ease their burdens.. well the wicked leader of the Lamanites (Amulon) does not like that. He says that anyone found praying will be killed. These people with such grim circumstances are the same people who just left behind all they knew and made covenants with God to live righteous lives. They begin to pray internally and beg the Lord for help. Verses 13 and 14 explain that the Lord came to them in their afflictions and promised to ease their burdens and free them from captivity. Eventually yes, they are freed from the hands of the Lamanites.. but I think the important part to this story is that even if we are doing everything we are supposed to, we will most likely face some pretty hard times. The truth of the matter is that the Lord knows very well what we are going through and that He WILL come to our aid in time of need. He is a merciful, loving father in heaven but he also wants us to progress and learn.. this is why we have trials. As missionaries we are always asked why bad things happen to good people. Why would a loving God allow us to go through hard things? Because we do no growing in our comfort zone. In order to become better we have to do things we don't think we can. That is how we can know that he loves us... because he lets us go through hard times.

I love you all so much and I hope you are all doing well. Keep smiling and remember that you have a Father in Heaven and an Hermana in Argentina who love you.

Hermana Stirling


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