February 12, 2018


Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina (Barrio 3)


Hermana Lucas

Cookies and Tacos, cute puppies, and Jesus...these are a few of her favorite things

Happy P-day everyone!! Another great week here in the great country of Argentina (still kind of freaks me out to say that). Just completed week 2 in this transfer and WOW, time moves so fast in the mission. I'm still with Hermana Lucas, working hard here in Barrio 3. Week in Review here we gooo

1. So for English class we decided to bake cookies (using a recipie in English) because what is more important than that. The little girls in are English class are so cute and we just laugh so hard. So being us, Hermana Lucas and I forgot measuring cups so we ended up having to eyeball the entire recipe. They turned out VERY dense but they were still waaaay better than the cookies they have here hahah.

2. We also decided to make tacos this week and we went all out. We eat a lot of the same foods here so anytime we have the chance to eat something else, it is a big deal. Pictures are included.

3. One day we were walking down the street and in someone's yard we saw a beautiful, perfect dog that looked disease free and had both of its ears. Obviously we stopped for a while to pet it through the fence... that ended up being a mistake because a lady came out and started talking to us (at first we were excited and thought this could become an investigator) but our dreams were shattered as soon as she started telling us about her many visions in which the virgin Mary appeared to her. We immediately knew this would not be a short conversation (if you can even call it that because she would not let us get a word in). I have a theory that the old catholic ladies here keep the Mormon missionaries away but talking them away. Oh, how I love Argentina.

4. So I am basically falling in love with my District leader's testimony (don't worry I'm a consecrated missionary) because every week his thought is SO GOOD!
This week he talked about the life of Jesus Christ. How during his earthly ministry, he had to come to know God just as we do. He had less resources then we do considering he did not have the Book of Mormon. The reason he was able to come to know God perfectly was because he was/is the only perfect person. Who could be a better advocate for us than the only perfect person who ever lived? I always feel a little bad about how inadequately I am able to express me love and appreciation of the Savior. He is my best friend, and I feel so blessed to be able to wear his name on my tag every day.

Thank you all for your love and support. Have a great week.

Love, Hermana Stirling


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