November 13, 2017


Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina (Barrio 3)


Hermana Marin

Who let the dogs out?

Little disclamier before I begin. The grammar in this is going to be terrible because I dont know Spanish, I forgot English, and this keyboard is garbage. Anyways...

HELLLLOOOO EVERYONE!!! I am indeed alive. Little PSA though about the silent killer also known as CULTURE SHOCK. Culture shock affects at least one priviledged American every 6 weeks. Please show your support through donations of prayers and positive vibes. Seriously I don't know exactly what I was expecting but it was not this. I am in a very very poor area but it is good, I am already being humbled. Also my subject line. DOGS LITERALLY EVERYWHERE!!! SOO MANY DOGS WOW! Some are cute and some are really gross. I am just trying to absorb things and learn as much as I can. I know I am still a rookie in this whole mission thing but it is hard. The adversary is working on me but so is the spirit. I am trying my very hardest to listen to the spirit. We do a lot of walking which is good because it gives me time to think. Also not good because I am always walking in mud. My trainer is incredible and so patient with me. She is from Buenos Aires and even knows English so that is a blessing. Surprise Surpise they had the gringa bear her testimony yesterday and I don't really know how that went. I cried but that's normal hah. Definitley keep this gringa in your prayers. I can use all the help I can get. This gospel is true. Jesus is our savior and he is our friend. He is my best friend right now because I can feel him with me. Love you all. Thank you for your love and support.

Love, Hermana Stirling


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