September 29, 2017


Provo MTC


Hermana Bowman


Alright my people. This week is a little bit different for my district since General Conference happens to fall on our Pday. So they gave us permission to write today. Honestly I really like the MTC. There is
always a lot going on and they keep you busy. They gave us a ton of study time for some reason which I have definitely not been wasting considering I do not know Spanish. Speaking of... they had us speak Spanish literally within the first 20 minutes of being here so that
freaked me out a little bit. Mi companera is Hermana Bowman from Alpine Utah (shoutout to all my Lone Peak people she probably knows you). She is sooooooo happy all the time which is awesome to be around. She is pretty quirky which I love. My district (at least the Hermanas) are already growing pretty close. We have an investigator to teach on Monday which is insane. I mean we are all still youngins but I have felt so much comfort and love while I have been here. About every 10 minutes it feels like the spirit is whispering comforts in my
ear. I love this gospel and I just really want to share it with everyone. My teacher is Hermano Lopez and he is so awesome. He is a return missionary and has taught us a lot already. Just FYI I have a tablet for the MTC which I am allowed to check pretty much whenever so
please send me mail so I feel the love. Alright my beautiful family and friends. In conclusion please do not worry about me although I would still appreciate your prayers. *and packages of treats I guess
hah One last thing that was awesome yesterday was in a meeting with my branch president. He said "the fear and anxiety and homesickness all goes away eventually, but the effects of a mission never do". I loved that so much. The church is true and I have been called to share it
with all who will listen. I love you guys.

Hermana Stirling


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