October 10, 2018




Sorella Henderson

La mano di Dio

Ciao, tutti!
Che settimana! The longer I'm out here on the mission, the more I realize that I personally don't do anything, and can't do anything without His help. There is absolutely no way I could know or do and of this by myself, or that I could "convince" anyone to believe in God or come to him without His power working on these people.
One family così is Antonio and Elizabeth. We went over to teach them about the plan of salvation, and holy cavoli have they been prepared by the lord! We asked them their feelings about Adam and Eve, and Antonio told us how many churches say that it was a terrible mistake from Adam and we all suffer because of it, but how He thinks it was important because if we can suffer and feel sorrow, we also know what joy and happiness feel like. Which is exactly the truth that the Book of Mormon clarifies for us; This family has just been so prepared for the message of the restoration!! Every time we have gone, I have just been blown away.
Another glimpse of God's hand was when we got a phone call from a random number yesterday. This lady started talking to us, just apologizing of it was us that rang her citofono, she didn't have time to answer. We had tried some others the night before, but it wasn't us that rang hers. I don't know if it was an Angel or the testimoni di Geova, but God put them there. So se ended up going over that same day and visited her. Turns out, she was a member, for only a short time, and then asked to have her records removed from the church 15 years ago. She told us she still reads the Book of Mormon sometimes and knows it's true, and she asked us tons of questions about how she can go about coming back to the church. She really wants to, and in that lesson the spirit just hit me so powerfully on how much God wants her back. So badly! We listened to the talk from Sunday Afternoon by Anziano Renlund, and I think it was just perfect for her. It was such a strong testimony to me that nomatter how long you have been away, or if how hard it is to come back, or if you think that God or the church won't want you back anyway, it is not true. Not one bit. What hit me the most out of Anziano Renlund's talk was how it is all our choice, and we need to act. If we choose not to repent, we are choosing not to enjoy his blessings. And nomatter how long we have been away, once we choose to get back on the path, it will be as if we were never off.
Vi voglio un sacco di bene!!
Sorella Frandsen

Sorry I was terrible with fotos this week haha, but here's a cute map of toscana and President Nelson's challange for the book of mormon! It took 60 days to translate, so you can read it in 80 😊


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