October 3, 2018




Sorella Henderson

Ciao, tutti!

I literally can't believe it's already pday again; the weeks are just flying by!
Can I just say that this branch here is just the absolute greatest! The people here are absolutely incredible, and they just inspire me ao much every day to be better! I just wish I could tell you all about all of them; but one of these incredible people is Doris. She lives close to Grossetto, which is forever away, close to two hours. Her husband isn't a member, and they have one son who just turned eight years old. When there was a branch in Siena, her husband would drive her the 20 minutes or so to the nearest bus stop, then she would take a bus to church every week with her 4,5 year old son, but now that there is no longer a branch in siena, San Giovanni Valdarno is the next closest and all of the people from Siena come to this branch. But it takes usually 2 1/2 hours in train to get from Siena to San Giovanni, and that early in the morning she can't make it. So only when she goes down to visit her sister in Rome is when she goes to church. And she is so strong in her testimony! After 3 transfers of trying to get down to see her, we finally did, and she is incredible! She told us how she wonders sometimes why she lives so far away from a church and can't get there, but that God has told her that she is right where she needs to be, and is helping to spread his word in that little part of italy. And she is an awesome example and missionary to all of those people down there, especially to her husband and her son. I am so grateful for her example and the things she has taught me!
We also had combined district meeting this week, which was awesome! We talled about why we listen to God's commandments, and obey maybe some of the commandments that son't seem so important, and it really all comes down to gratitude. Jesus Christ literally gave up everything for us, and we can't ever pay him back for that. And keeping the commandments won't ever "pay him back," but we do it because we love him and we are grateful to him. And because faith without works is dead, God has given us this opportunity to show our gratitude to him, and for that I am so grateful! I invite all of you people to find one thing, one commandment you can keep better this week to show your gratitude to our Heavenly Father.
Vi voglio un mondo di bene!
Sorella Frandsen


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