September 12, 2018




Sorella Henderson

Il tempo vola!!

Buongiorno di nuovo! Another week has already flown by and next week is already transfers again! It's pazzesco! But it was a good one! One of the highlights would be scambio; we went to Firenze and I got to be companions with Sorella Pearson for a day, which was epic๐Ÿ˜Š and I learned a ton! We went and did some finding in a random piazza and ended up finding one of their potentials, Miguel, that they had been struggling to contact. So we asked if he had 15 minutes, and taught him about the plan of salvation, and he asked us when we could come and teach him again. Che miracolo! But just to be able to learn from Sorella Pearson was incredible all on it's own!
Other news, Fatima is back on date! Her faith is incredible, and she wanta to be baptized, but she has taken a couple of jobs as a Bedante, which means she takes care of an older person 24/7 and we haven't been able to see her and she hasn't been able to come to church. She told us she couldn't work like that any more and wanted to be able to come to church, so she left and is looking for a better job that will let her come to church on Sunday! She is awesome!
We have been starting into our Book of Mormon challange, and it is so awesome! If you haven't started, today's a good day! Today the question is "Does God answer prayers, and the scripture is in Enos. He says his sould was hungering, and so he prayed to God to be forgiven of his sins, and I really think just to know that he is really there. He prays and prays, and then I love his answer. It didn't come as some grand experience, he didn't see God, the mountains didn't break open, but a voice came unto him. And it pierced him to the soul, and he knew it was from God. I love the story of Enos because that's how I feel the spirit sometimes too. And Enos received his answer because he was ready and willing to act on it; he went out and shared the gospel for the rest of his days! This is praying with real intent, and if we pray like Enos, we will receive an answer.
Vi voglio un sacco di bene!!
Sorella Frandsen

1. Share the gospel with everyone!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
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