August 28, 2018




Sorella Henderson

Tutte le settimane sono belle!

Ciao, tutti!
So this email is coming to you early because we have zone conference tomorrow and I am so excited! Definitely one of my favorite parts in all the mission haha. But anyway, this week has been another week full of little miracles!
The biggest highlight of the week would definitely be Sensi. He is a man we found on Ferragosto, and when we talked to him, he was super interested in the book of mormon because he lives the bible, learning, and especially reading. Perfect. So we have met with him a couple times, and he is awesome! He couldn't come to church on Sunday because he is the head choir director at his church, and so he needs to stay and direct them. His church starts at 10.30 in Montevarchi, and ours starts at 9.30, but it is a 5 minute train ride plus a 15 minute walk, and exactly when the trains can come makes it hard to get back in time. So we met with him again yesterday, with one of the members of our church, Kenneth (who is awesome!!), and after talking for a minute, he asked Kenneth if it was possible to bike to church, and if Kenneth had a bike. Kenneth did, so Sensi asked him if they could bike together next sunday morning to church and then after sacrament he could bike back to his church. Man it has been just inspiring to me to see his desire and to see his love for learning and the scriptures. He absolutely loves them! And I am so excited for him to come to church on Sunday!
So we had a family home evening on Monday night, and one of the girls that came, Alice, is preparing for a mission. She just asked all sorts of questions that really got me thinking. Overall, her questions were basically centered around how can we get people to want to find happiness, to want to change, and to want to expand their vision and knowledge a little bit, she was especially worried about youth just thinking only about the opposite gender haha. How do we help people want to change, or want to find something more? Do we want to change or find something more? And what can we do or change right now to get there? Mayhe this week each of us can take a step back and refocus on what we really want the most in this life, and make a plan of something small you can do each day to get there. If you want it and put in your effort, God will help you with the rest.
Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Frandsen


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