August 15, 2018




Sorella Henderson

Ecco il ferragosto!

Buongiorno! E buon ferragosto!
Well, it's official. Literally everyone is gone in vacation haha. And after the miracle we had running into Fiorella e Luis the other day, we found out that they were heading down to Napoli. With that and the De Sury family in Sicilia, we have one simp on our board that is actually here haha. So we have been doing our work finding new people to teach!
As for things I'm so excited for, last week we went to Montevarchi to meet with some potentials, and ine was a bedone, but while we were waiting, we saw this cute family go by, and we thought, "We need to go talk to them!" So we headed straight after them, and started talking to them, and they said they just moved to the area about a month ago, the wife is from Peru and the husband is Italian, and she was so excited to meet youth that wanted to talk about Jesus, and that her shy little son loves Jesus! And we are going to see them on Saturday!
Then there is Roseanna, one of Ilaria's friends that came to her baptism, who Ilaria says is super interested in the church and wants to come and see! So we are hopefully going to start teaching her too! This week she was busy with work, but we are hoping to meet with her soon 😊
And boy oh boy is Ilaria incredible! She still isn't able to come to church, but she was excited to tell us about her missionary experience she had! She went to see the doctor one day and took her book of mormon with her to read while she waited. Well the secretary ended up asking her about it, so she talked about her experience joining the church, and what it did for her life. (She said she has learned that just explaining things about Joseph Smith people can think it's strange, but when we share our personal experience with how it has changed us is really what people want to hear, and can't really debate. And she's figured that out on her own!) So the secratary asked her if she could get a copy of the Book and how much it cost, and Ilaria tried to just give it to her and said it was a gift, but she wouldn't accept it haha. But Ilaria said, "well come to church on Sunday and see for yourself." And the adress for the church is easy here, because its a small town and its literally on top of the grocery store. It's awesome.
Just seeing how awesome a member missionary Ilaria is has absolutely inspired me. We all can do missionary work no matter where we are and if we know the person or not. Elder Ballard gave a talk in october, 2013 called Put your trust in the Lord, and it is incredible! I invite each of you to read it! Part of it talks about how sometimes we are afraid to even to ask for missionary experiences because we are afraid we may receive the prompting to do something we don't think we can do. But if we ask God for these experiences, he will give them to us, and the experiences will never be forced, but will just naturally come. We can all take part and pray for these opportunities to share what we believe :)
Vi voglio tanto bene!
Sorella Frandsen

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