June 27, 2018




Sorella Henderson


Buongiorno tutti!!!
So we got transfer calls on Friday and today I'm traveling to Montevarchi to be my new home! And they actually ended up closing our second copia in Bologna, so Sorella Stepherson is going to Reggio Emilia, which is where I just came from, so that was insane! Funny story though, so Sorella Berrey was helping me get all my bags onto the train, a Freccia Rossa, which means that there is no stop between Bologna and Firenze, and the doors closed right behind her and didn't open again. E... basta. So Sorella Berrey got to see Firenze for the first time haha! But this week was awesome!! You got baptized and he said he felt really good after, and it was amazing! John, Friday's 8 year old son, got baptized at the same time, and it was just incredible!!
There was an awesome culture night activity after too, with some Albanian and Nigerian dancing, South American food, Cotton eyed Joe, and it was just a blast! Definitely going to miss Bologna!
So this week I've really been thinking about how lucky I am to be here and to be a part of this church, and how there are so many people out there searching for the truth, and we literally have it right here! One of our simps, Nick, was explaining to us about some discoveries about the sheets they think they laid Jesus in, and how these sheets are in Torino, and all the things that science said about these sheets and a couple of other things about the past and the churches, the church doctrine we have is literally così. And it just was awesome to see everything lime up exactly. I know that this church is the true church restored again here on the earth, and it's not just science that has proved it to me. I know it in my heart :) and if you want a scripture, you should go read Alma 30:44 :)
Vi voglio bene!!
Sorella Frandsen

Le foto!
1. Sorella Berrey just had to come see Firenze haha
2. 'Bout to leave
3. Friday's family!! Love them!!!
4. District pic :)


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