June 20, 2018




Sorella Henderson

Un Bel sabato avanti!!!

Ciao tutti!! So this was a fun week! So we finally had the baptismal interview, and Toun is getting baptized!! We're so excited for him!! Another awesome thing that happened this week was that my trainer, Sorella Richards, came back to Italy and took a stop in Bologna!! So we got to see each other and she helped us out with our English class mostra!
The other great part of the week was when John, our investigator who is super awesome and already said that this church is his church but we struggle so much to meet with, asked us to give him a bunch of our biglietti with our phone number on it to give to his friends. Well, one of these friends called us, (while John was with him haha) but he said he wanted to come to our church and talk to us about our church, so that day we ended up meeting with him and teaching him and it was awesome! His name is Festus, and we are meeting with him again tomorrow and meeting up with him to come to church with us on Sunday!
So I read 3 Nefi 11 this week, and every time I read a chapter in the Book of Mormon, I just forget how much I loved it, and I feel like there are just so many chapters that I could call my favorite chapter. But at the beginning of the chapter, it talks about the voice that the people heard, and how it wasn't a loud or hard voice, but small, and it pierced them to the center and caused their hearts to burn. But the people didn't understand the voice they heard! And sometimes we don't, and sometimes the people we want to share the gospel with don't either. And then they heard it again, and still didn't understand the voice! But the third time they did, and it was because they individually opened their ears to hear it, and they turned and looked steadfastly to heaven in order to do so! I know just how these people feel, sometimes I hear the voice, but don't exactly understand it, but by paying attention and looking to heaven to hear it, that is when I understand. And it takes patience, and it takes practice, and it only took them three tries, but maybe it will take more! I know I've used more than three tries, and I'm still trying haha. But it's there for all of us to hear if we decide to listen!
Vi voglio bene!!!
Sorella Frandsen


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