May 30, 2018




Sorella Henderson

Settimana.... boh.

Ciao Tutti!!
I never know how to start letters, and it takes too long anyway, so I'll just jump in to the good stuff.
The biggest highlight of the week was definitely on Thursday. You all probably don't remember, but we had this investigator, Wowo, that we met at the beginning of my very first transfer here in Bologna and had one appointment with her and haven't been able to meet with her since. Well last Wednesday, we called and asked her if she could meet with us the next day. She told us she could, and a couple of times before we went out to see her and she wasn't there, so we were a little wary, but it felt right. Then the next morning she would be at a friends house, but she would send us the address when we got out to Granarolo, which is like an hour bus ride away. I didn't know if we should go, but when we prayed to go out there, the spirit just confirmed to me that that was what we were supposed to do nomatter what ended up happening, so we went. We got to Granarolo, and then called Wowo, and she sent us the adress of her friend, so we went back over to her friends house, which was actually closer to Bologna than we were haha. So we went and found the place, where she was making hair for her friend Angela, and she was super interested in the gospel too! So we ended up teaching the restoration, giving her a book of mormon, and recommitting both of them to read it! And it was awesome to see that Wowo still really wanted to learn more, things just weren't working out! So by this time it was getting late, and when we finished our lesson, the bus going back to bologna that comes every half an hour had just left, and we were going to be late for English class. There were other more often busses, but they were a little farther away, so we ended up leaving and running the 2 kilometers to the buses in our dresses to be able to get to English class on time haha. We're quite a sight to see :)
Other than that, Tune is doing good, we just have to get him an interview and hopefully get him baptized next saturday!! He has such a strong desire to be a part of our church, and it's so awesome!! And then we also taught John, our nigerian friend, the restoration this week, and he just already has such a strong relationship with God already, and just asked us to teach him all of the stories of the Book of Mormon, like he already knows the ones in the bible! It's awesome when you feel so enlightened after talking to some of the Africans, they really just put all their hearts into trusting God and just have incredible faith!! I love it!!
I also read a talk the other day in the new Liahona given by Anziano Alessandro Dini Ciacci, and it talks about a father showing his son how to fly a kite, and he runs and the kite goes high in the air, but at a certain point the string ran out so it couldn't go any higher. The little boy asked his dad to cut the string because it was holding the kite back from flying high and disappearing into the clouds. He didn't believe his father when he said it wouldn't happen like that, so they cut the string and watched the kite get whipped around by the wind and then fall ruined to the ground. What the little boy thought was holding back the kite was actually making it free, and also safe, anchored firmly to the ground. He compared this to us following God's commandments, everyone thinks and tells us that we're not free if we tie ourselves down with all of these rules, but in reality, it's what makes us free, and happy, and flying at our full potential, and safe too! All God wants is us to be as happy as we can, and he's given us the guidelines to do so!! So this week, put your trust in God and choose a commandment that you can do better to keep, and you will see the blessings rain down on you :)
Vi voglio bene!!
Sorella Frandsen

(I'll try to send some pictures, but my phone's havying some difficulties this week.... sorry!!)


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