April 18, 2018




Sorella Henderson

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Ciao Tutti
So this week felt like a lot of stuff happened, and yet like nothing happened haha. We started out with a lot of bidoni, or where people just didn't end up coming to the lesson or it got cancelled, from members, investigators, everyone! But the really cool thing was that when we got bidone'd, we ended up finding someone else on the streets! The coolest one was when we were walking back on the street and this random girl just ran up to us and got super excited and started talking to us! She spoke English, and said she did a foreign exchange in Oregon for a while, and one of the families she lived with was LDS and she just loved it with them and going to church with them! She didn't know there was church here and she hadn't seen any missionaries since she'd been back in Italy and it was just incredible to see how she just remembered feeling the light of Christ and just lit up and was so excited to see missionaries from a church she didn't even belong to! You never know who you'll affect just by being a light to someone!!
So the two bidoni we didn't have this week were with Tune and Sha, and we met both of them on the bus just ths last week. Tune speaks French and has been learning Italian, so it was a little more difficult to teac him, but we had him read the first vision and Moroni 10-4-5 in French, and you really could just see the spirit touching him and his face just lighting up. (It's so cool to see the spirit touching people!!!) And with Sha, she doesn't really have a religious background, so we taught her about God and the prophets and how important they are, and how she could pray to God to know if He was really there! Two super cool lessons, and we're praying for them!
We also had zone Conference yesterday, and I just love them so much!! Sorella Allen talked about her experience learning how to make cinnamon rolls, and I just loved what she said. She said she tried and tried, but they were always hard and not very good. One day a lady said she'd come and teach her how, and after the dough was made and she was putting on the cinnamon and suger, and the lady kept telling her to put on more and more. And then the same with the frosting too. Sorella Allen said she wasn't going to put as much sugar and frosting on the next time she made them, and the lady helping her said "Then your cinnamon rolls will never be as good as mine." It's crazy to me how in this life, we are shown exactly what we need to do to be happy and return to live with God, and have the best "Cinnamon rolls." But sometimes, we think we'll change the rules a little bit and not put quite as much cinnamon on, because we don't want that many calories, maybe we want something else in our life that isn't following that plan instead. But if you want the best life, you have to do what it takes and follow the rules, and then you will have the best cinnamon rolls!
Vi voglio bene!!
Sorella Frandsen


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