April 13, 2018




Sorella Henderson

Prima settimana come una destratrice!

Ciao tutti!
So this week has been crazy! So I'm training a new verdina fresh from the MTC, and it's been super fun haha! She is absolutely incredible, and doesn't have any fear at all and I absolutely love it! Her name is Sorella Stepherson, she's from Las Vegas, and she actually has a twin sister who's serving in the Rome mission right now, how cool is that?
Comunque, we weren't able to get a lot of appointments this week, so we ended up doing a lot of finding, and a lot of making calls. The greatest thing about training a verdina with a lot of fire is that there's always the excuse of talking to people to practice Italian, and Sorella Stepherson just goes for it! And the Italian people love helping someone trying to learn the language! It's so great!
We still don't know what's going on with Ayisat, we haven't been able to meet and talk to her yet... but we are meeting with Wowo, an awesome African investigator we found, tonight, and with Antonio next week! So we'll see how those go!
This week I've really been reminded about how much we take some of the little things for granted. How Elder Uchdorf explained it, it's like technology! When we first learn about it, it's absolutely insane and incredible that we can do what we can do with technology, but the more we learn about it and use it, the more we take it for granted. And that's what we do in the church sometimes! I just loved the talk that Elder Bryan Taylor gave about how important the knowledge is that we are children of God! How incredible is that? That is the most precious knowledge we have here! And he's always there looking out for us and watching over us, and we can actually talk to our all powerful father and he will shower down his blessings upon us because he loves us so much! I'm so grateful for this knowledge and that I can share it with others as well!
Vi voglio bene!!
Sorella Frandsen

1. Sorella Stepherson and I at porta Sarragozza!
2. Our African friend taught gospel principles, but didn't realize until after that he wrote with permanent marker haha
3. Telephone booth! "Those things actually exist? I thought they were only in the movies!"
4. Milano stazione!


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