March 15, 2018




Sorella Henderson

Sciopero, Messa,

Ciao ciao ciao!!
So a lot of cool stuff happened this week, we started off with international Women's day, which was march 8th, so none of the buses were working basically all day. So we went out for a little bit, and did a couple of pass bys, and then as we were walking back, this guy started talking to us and asking us about our religion! It was so cool! He said he wanted to learn more about what we believe and maybe come to our church and check it out! And so we told him and he came! He came late, but it was awesome! And I'm pretty sure he exchanged numbers with the Anziani, so I'm super excited!
Then we had scambio, which is always awesome, and we ended up after helping at Caritas staying for a Catholic mass, which was super interesting to see all of the differences between the churches! I never thought I'd go to mass as a missionary haha.
We also visited this cute Albanian lady that just moved to Italy who is so cute and has such a strong testimony!! No one in her family here are members, but her family in America is, and she just talked about how happy she was that her granddaughter was about to be baptized, but so sad that she couldn't go because of her health. She doesn't speak Italian, and just some English, but she was so happy that we took the time to come see her!
And then yesterday we had Zone Conference!!! And I loved it!!! I really felt like the whole conference was just for me and I took so much out of it!
So I feel like one of the most common questions people have asked me regarding religion is why God allows suffering to happen to us here on the earth, and I just love how there are so many questions like this that we can find the answers to in the Book of Mormon!! I feel like Alma 14: 9-11 is just like the perfect answer to this question! Alma and Amulek are two prophets, and they are forced to watch all of the wicked people burn all of the people who believed Alma and Amulek's words, or believed in Christ. Amulek asks why they shouldn't just call upon the power of God and save all the people, and the answer is just absolutely incredible, and seems to pierce deep into my heart every time I read it! So I want to invite you to read this story and think about how your own suffering will be made right through Christ.
Vi voglio bene!!
Sorella Frandsen

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