March 7, 2018




Sorella Henderson

Una settimana grande in Bologna!

Buongiorno tutti!
So this week was awesome!! We started off with a big snowstorm, more snow than Bologna has had in years and years! It was awesome! It was definitely a great way to start up conversations with people haha.
We really had some awesome lessons this week, and this last one with Ayisat was so great! So we taught her about the plan of salvation, her and the old lady that lived with her which was cool, but she didn't seem super receptive, maybe next time when we go back she'll accept a Book of Mormon! After the lesson, which was awesome because she understood everything we taught her and she had been reading the Book of Mormon, we had to run the quasi 2 kilometers back to the train on the highway through the construction in our skirts haha. I definitely slipped and fell in the mud on the way too haha. But it was worth it and we made it!
So I learned this week that the Lord really does reward hard work. We have been struggling so hard since I've been here to get any appointments with our investigators, they haven't been responding to us or answering us back, and we had like no appointments for the entire week on Thursday. So we really just went out and tried to find potentials. And we really worked hard, and talked to sacchi of people and ended up with like five new solid potentials over the next couple of days, and then our investigators started answering and our week seriously filled up so fast! It was incredible! And we're on track for baptism!! So if there's ever a time that you feel like nothings working out, just go out and do everything you can to fix it, and God will help everything else work out!
Vi voglio bene!!
Sorella Frandsen
1,3. At San Luca, the church on the hill in Bologna
2. In the snow!!!
4. Sorelle Berry and Blandford :)


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