January 31, 2018


Reggio emilia


Sorella Arkell

Un'altra settimana dopo

Ciao Tutti!
So this week was pretty awesome! We had a lot of cool experiences! First was the fact that we got to pray with a group of Muslims, and I've never actually seen them pray before, so that was really cool!
Also, we did a Book of Mormon mostra this week, really just kind of to see what would happen, but it actually turned out pretty well! The first person came up to us, and he was going through a lot of hard things at this time, and he had a really rough childhood, and he was just talking and talking, and not really letting us say much, but just basically where was God through all of these hard times. While he was explaining, I found the scripture where Alma and Amulek had to stand and watch all the people burn, and after a break in all of his talking, I asked him if I could share it with him, and he just kind of said a little more about how he was upset at God and then he left. Well, it wasn't too much longer until he actually came back and apologized to me and said I could read him that scripture. So I read it to him, Alma 14:8-11, and I started crying haha. We go through some hard stuff in this life, but God will make it all right. So he talked more about his life, then asked if he could get our number to talk some more, and where we gather together like for church, and then right before he left he asked how much it cost to get a Book of Mormon! So we told him it was free, and he was actually Romanian, so we said we could get him a Romanian one and switch him back!
So then yesterday we were going to meet up with him in Centro, and he walked by with someone else and said he'd come back, but after a while we had to leave for another appointment, and he wasn't answering his phone. Later he called us back and apologized, and said that the person he was with was helping him find a job, and that he just feels so much more peace and he wants to learn about what we have that brings it! I'm so excited to teach him!!!
When we talk to other people, it's just incredible to see how perfect this gospel really is! Even if the people we talk to don't let us explain things to them, which is their choice, I just feel my own testimony building; this gospel really does have all the answers! And I love it! Life is really hard, and it seems unjust a lot of times now, but Jesus Christ's atonement can help us through, and all will be made right in heaven!
Vi voglio bene!!!
Sorella Frandsen

1-2 Sorella Richards funeral pics haha
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