January 24, 2018


Reggio emilia


Sorella Richards

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Buona giornata!!
So this week was a good week, we didn't have a lot of progress with our investigatiors, but we did have some amazing things happen!
It's just incredible to see the Lord's hand in preparing people to come back to Him! After we had that little miracle finding the Tejedas family the first time, we went and tried to stop by their house again, and and they were just rushing out the door right as we got there, so they said to come back the next day in the afternoon, and we did, and when we came it just happened to be the only 30ish minutes they had free that we were there! So we shared a message with them, and they told us how they had this experience recently with a car crash, and no one should have survived, but no one was hurt and how they knew it was God protecting them and that they needed to come back to church. So on Sunday, they did! For the first time in like 2 years they did! It was so incredible!
Another "first time in church in years" was Fratello Rene, who hasn't been to church in probably a year. He was a counseler in the mission presidency in Venezuela at one point and has such a strong testimony, but he's had some struggles and I don't know everything, but he made it to chuch on Sunday too! It was such an awesome day!
This week we also went on a long bike ride (just a nice 12 K out, not terrible) to find another less active, Rita, who lives kind of out in the middle of nowhere, and we've tried to call and facebook message her, but to no avail. So we rode to where she lives, and she didn't live in the building we had written down for her, but we tried the building next door and found her! It was so awesome! And so we set up an appointment to come visit her, I hope it goes good! The buses don't really go out there too often, so we have another nice long bike ride ahead of us haha.
Anyway, on the way back from said bike ride, at about Kilometer 23/24, we were about to cross this crosswalk, Sorella Richards in front, and this car that had stopped I guess didn't really realize she was there, and pulled out and hit her!! It completely mashed the front tire and frame, but she was completely fine, just fell over and scraped up her hands a little, she wasn't hit, or hurt, at all. I feel so blessed that I was the one right behind her and saw that she didn't actually get ran over! So that was crazy! Right before she left too!
That's the other big news, we are no longer in a trio; we had to say goodbye to Sorella Richards yesterday. I'm so grateful that I got to serve with her and learn so much from her! She's incredible!
I'd just like to end with this awesome quote from Robert D. Hales: "Unless you are fully engaged in living the golpel- Living it with all your heart might, mind, and strength,- You cannot generate enough spiritual light to push back the darkness." Satan is so powerful, so much more so than we think a lot of times, and we have to have Christ's light in our lives to keep him at bay! And the way we can find that light is through action, and bringing Christ into our lives. Prayer, Scripture Study, and Church Attendance are Soooo important!!! Please do everything you can to stay in the light!!! And do something this week to bring someone else into the light! Maybe share a favorite scripture or invite them to church, but we're all children of God and need to help each other fight against the darkness!
Vi voglio bene!!!
Sorella Frandsen

1-2 Only missionaries take trophy pics after getting hit by a car haha
3. On the way to visit Rita!


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