January 5, 2018



Sorella Richards

Buonanno Nuovo!!!!

Buongiorno tutti!! And Happy New Years!!!
This week was pretty fun! One of the big highlights was that we got to teach Matilde, Eleanora, and her brother Gianfrenco came to the lesson too! We taught the restoration of the gospel, and the spirit was so strong! I just watched it come into them, and it was absolutely incredible! What was incredible to me was that we weren't perfect in teaching everything, but just testifying of truth is what brings the spirit, and that's what teaches them! We haven't got a hold of Eleanora again after.... but we have another appointment with Matilde tomorrow!!!
Another awesome person we met this week was Clemencia! When the sorelle from Piacenza came to Reggio for p-day, they found her and started talking to her, and turns out she took missionary lessons 25 years ago when she lived in Peru and wants to take them again! She lives really far away, but she comes to Reggio saturdays and sundays, which is perfect for church, which she said she's coming to on sunday!! Also, we tried to have a skype lesson with her last night, but it ended up just her talking to us for about half an hour and then she had to go, so I don't think that counts as a lesson haha.
There also was a miracle for me this week! We went to an x simps appartment, which we'd done many times before, and just rang citofani, or the little doorbell things outside the apartment house where they can talk to you, to try to find her. We said a prayer before we started, and I just asked God that we could find someone who wanted to hear our message, which I'd never actually specifically asked before, and I didn't know why I was really even asking. But the first citofano that we rang, we asked for betty, and a lady answered that was from Ghauna (where our bishop is from) that didn't really understand what we were saying, so she let us in and talked to us, and she doesn't really know Italian or English very well, but we showed her a video and asked if we could come back to teach her and she said we could on sunday! So we're going to go back and teach her!
Also we had New Missionary training yesterday, so I got to go back and see all of my MTC group again! What really stuck out to me, and I don't even know if the question was actually asked, but the question: "How can we expect to receive all the blessings from heavenly father but not follow his plan he set for us to follow?" like in the mission field, how can we expect God to help us and give us miracles if we don't get up on time, exercise, study what we are supposed to for how long we're supposed to, etc.? He gave us the perfect plan, the perfect schedule, and if we follow it, that's how we can receive the most blessings. He also gave us a plan here on Earth too! But how can he give us blessings if we think our plan is better, or just don't follow one step of the plan? If we don't go to church or read our scriptures, how is he supposed to bless us?
Especially because this is the start of the new year, set goals to bring you all blessings, so you can better follow Heavenly Father's plan!
Vi Voglio Bene!!!
Sorella Frandsen

1. Milano Metro to New Missionary Training!! Gave me a headache though...
2-3. P-day Hike!!! The view was Incredible!!!


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