December 6, 2017



1st week in the field!!

Buongiorno da Italia!!
These past couple of weeks have been crazy! We finally got to fly out to Italy, and the trip wasn't actually as bad as I thought it would be! One of our flights was nine hours long, and I actually slept pretty good through the whole plane ride! Then we made it to the mission home and had some interviews and introductory stuff while half of our group went to the Duomo in Milano and proselyted, and then we switched. But when we got there, Sorella Allen said that a police officer had told the last group to stop proselyting so we didn't get to at the Duomo. but we did on the metro! Anyway, after that we went out to a restaurant and had real Italian pizza and lasagna, and they were both so good!
The next day we found out who we were training with and where we were going, and I'm in Reggio Emilia with Sorella Richards! She's from Park City, and I'm actually the first person she's trained before, and she only has two transfers left, so I'll be her last companion too!
Not a ton happened our first two days, just because Sorella Richards is having problems with her knee and President Allen told her to take two days off to see if it would get feeling better, so we did a lot of planning and calling people and stuff like that. Then we got to go to Church on Sunday which was super cool! I just tried to meet everyone and remember everyone's name and can't remember like any of them haha.
Also this week we taught Rayan, who's a 12 year old boy who's mom is less active. I guess he's been an investigator for a while, but he can't get baptized because his mom doesn't really want him to and also won't come to church. We'll try our best to get them there though!
We're also teaching an 18 year old girl named Michelle, and she's from Venezuela and moved in with her uncle and niece and nephew. She came to our English class and we made another appointment with her.
Spiritual thought of the week? I think the importance of being obedient and doing visiting teaching and home teaching. If everyone was 100% on their home and visiting teaching, the missionary's job would be a lot easier! We are all together in our ward, and we need to strengthen each other in any ways that we can! And any extra opportunity we have to strengthen each other is incredible! And another awesome way to do that is this awesome Light The World program that the church is doing this month! I think doing these now 20 things for the next 20 days would be an awesome Christmas present for Christ :).
Hope you all are doing so awesome!!!
Vi Voglio Bene!!!
Sorella Frandsen

1. Train station in Reggio
2. Trying to find a less active's house.... Definitely wasn't there!!
3. First Gelatto Cone!!


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