November 28, 2017



Last week in the MTC!!!

Buon Giorno!!!
This week was full of a lot of awesome stuff!!! On Sunday we watched the Joseph Smith movie, which was soo awesome and if any of you haven't seen it, you should watch it! It was so good!!! We also had our last TRC skyping this week, and we got to teach Silvana who's a seminary teacher out in Italy! It was so cool!
We also had infield orientation every day this week, which is just like helping us to know what to expect the first week in the field and kind of how to use the resources available to us out in the field, which was super helpful!
On Tuesday, we got to hear from Elder S. Gifford Neilson from the seventy, who apparently was a star quarterback for BYU back in the day, and he brought Janice Kapp Perry with him!! And she was Hilarious!!! If that 80 year old woman had a comedy show, I would go every time I could! She started talking about how big of a fan of him she was, and then Elder Neilson would be like, K lets talk about your music now, and she'd reply "You told me I could talk about whatever I wanted to talk about" as she pulled out a football he had signed for her back in the day and threw it at him haha!
The greatest part of the whole week though was definitely Thanksgiving!!! We started off with a devotional at nine in the morning (after a choir practice) and Elder Bednar came and spoke to us!!! And it was amazing!!! He just asked us to send questions and he would talk about them, and he told us to not take notes on anything he said only write what the spirit told us to write. And it was awesome!!! Then after that, Sharon Eubank came and talked to us, and brought someone over a meal service for kids, and he, David Green, shared his conversion story about how he came and did this same thing last year at thanksgiving and felt something different about this place, and then took his family to temple square after and felt the same thing. So on the plane back to Florida, he researched Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and realized that the only way to know would be to read it for himself, so he prayed and told God he'd read the book if he could get his hands on one, and he landed and got an uber driver who gave one to his three year old daughter to "calm her down," and he wasn't even LDS, but some LDS people gave him some copies to hand out and he said he would if he felt like he needed to give them to someone, and he felt like he needed to give one to Dave. So he read it and met the missionaries and was baptized in March! So cool!!
Anyway, after we packaged meals for kids, and then we had the Nashville tribute band come and play some songs for us and it was so awesome!!! I hadn't even heard of them before this, but it was super fun! Then we got to go look at Christmas lights afterward!
A couple of things I really liked about Elder Bednars talk though were when he talked about the difference between being meek and humble: I always thought that they were like the same thing, but he said meekness was having the power to do or say something, but having the strength not to. He also talked a lot about pride, and told us to get out of the spirit's way. This isn't at all about us, it's about the people we are helping, and the spirit is who knows what they need, so get out of the way and let the spirit work. He also readdressed the importance of reading the book of mormon, and he said if you want to learn more about something, don't do a searh on your phone for the keywords. Get a blank copy of the ook of mormon, and write the question on the spine, and go through the whole book of mormon and mark up about that question, and then reread it when you finish and write a summary about what you learned on a blank piece of paper and put it on a shelf somewhere, and if you do it twice, you'll be amazed by how much you've grown. I started doing that in my little book of mormon, looking for who Christ is and what his characteristics are, and I've already been amazed at what I've found! So if you want answers to a question.......
Hope you're all doing awesome!! We fly out Tuesday at 6 in the morning, but that means we're leaving the MTC at 2:30, so early morning for us haha!
Vi Voglio Bene!!!
Sorella Frandsen

1-2. Christmas Lights!!!
3. Nashville Tribute Band!!
4. Our thanksgiving set up!
5-6. Temple Pics with Sorella Petersen!


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