November 18, 2017



Another week at the MTC!

Ciao Ognuno!!
This week was full of teaching! On Monday we had three lessons on the same day! We were really being real missionaries haha. One of them was through skype to an acual member from Italy! I was super nervous, but it was so cool! He was from Genova, and told us to ask President Allen if we would go to his area first haha. And he was so cute with us!! He helped us figure out what we were trying to say and it was a good lesson, even if we didn't understand a lot of what he was saying!
I think the language is coming along pretty well, I didn't realize how many verbs I actually used until I started trying to learn them all in Italian! It's been hard, and there have been plenty of mistakes, but we're all getting better, and Sorella Petersen and I just laugh at them all! I was trying to tell one of our investigators that we had some baby shrimp for lunch, and I didin't know how to say shrimp, so I ended up just telling him we ate small children haha. Sorella Petersen in a different lesson also though the opening prayer was the closing prayer, so we were both really confused for a while with that one too! Va bene!
We had Elder Parrella come and speak to us on Tuesday, and he and his wife were both super awesome!! Sister Parrella only spoke a little bit of English, but she gave a wonderful talk and it gave me so much hope that I will be able to speak like she does one day!
There are so many awesome things that I want to share with everyone, but one thing that really stuck out to me is when we learned about real intent. It is promised at the end of the Book of Mormon that if we will read the book and ask God with real intent if these things are true, he will manifest the truth of it unto us through the Holy Ghost. We talked about how praying with real intent means praying with the intent to act on the answer. We can't just pray to God to know something and then just be ok with "now I know." We have to ask with the desire to act on the answer, just like Joseph Smith did in the Sacred Grove. He wanted to know which church to JOIN, not just which church was true. God would not have answered his question if Joseph wasn't willing to act on the answer, and that's how we need to pray. So I want to challange you all to pray with real intent, and act on whatever answer you recieve!
Vi Voglio Bene!!!
Sorella Frandsen

We got to go on a temple walk on Sunday! The temple is the greatest!!!


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