November 18, 2017



Finished week one

Buon Giorno Everyone!!!
I think I've figured out why everyone who comes home from their missions seem so weird; When you don't have very much entertainment, you make it yourself, and everything that isn't actually funny is incredibly hilarious! In the words of my companion, Sorella Peterson, "I don't know if I can take much more of this.... I think I only have like seven marbles left to lose!"
My district is so awesome though! We're all so close already, and our zone is awesome too! The six Romanian missionaries in our zone left on Monday, and on Wednesday we got one Romanian sister, so she's the only one in the entire MTC! And she's in a tripanionship with two Italian sorelle, which to me seems so hard to be able to practice your language!! She's super cute though!!
We have been teaching Francesca every night for the past couple of weeks, and it's awesome to see how much I can actually understand what she's saying! Two nights ago, we asked her if she wanted to be babtized, and she said yes! And I didn't know what to say after that because it shocked me that she said she would, she didn't say that to any of the other missionaries that went before us haha. Sorella Petersen and I broke up our lessons into smaller chunks after the first lesson, so we've taught five times and just finished the second lesson, but it's been so much better that way! After we take turns as a district teaching her, we all just go back to class and have fun with each other, and we have some incredible artists in the classroom!
Also, just so everyone knows, I can read the emails I get every day, but I can only respond to them on P-days.
We also got to go and talke to an Italian consolate in Salt Lake, they just sent all of the Italian missionaries from Utah by ourselves, and we got to go to temple square and eat Chick-Fil-A! We also just missed seeing Elder Oaks walk into the Joseph Smith memorial building for a meeting by like two minutes! But we got to listen to Elder Renland in a devotional that same evening so it made up for it haha. And then after teaching last night, we walked back into the classroom, and Sorella Peterson had a huge rip down the back of her skirt! We have no clue where it came from or where it happened, but it was a double layered skirt so it wasn't as embarrassing as it could have been!!
So on Sunday night, we also got to watch a video from when Elder Ballard came to the MTC like five years ago on Christmas and he spoke about the character of Christ. It was So Awesome!!! He talked about how everything Christ did was for other people, All he ever did was turn outward when everyone else would turn inward, like the natural man cookie monsters we are. "I want cookie now! I want investigators now! I want baptisms now!" We aren't missionaries for ourselves, we are missionaries for others. We are here to help others. Then he talked about after Jesus was tempted by Satan, and he was so physically and mentally drained from the fasting and everything, and the bible says that angels came and ministered to him. Even though we feel like he needed the support after, the JST says that he sent those angels to minister to John, who was in prison, who needed help. He literally gave everything to others!! I really want to be able to be more like him and develop his character.
Sorry this letter is so long, but it's really been so much fun in the MTC! The language is hard to learn, but I'm surprisingly not too worried about it haha. Hope everything is going well for all of you!!!
Vi Voglio Bene!
Sorella Frandsen

1. The trip to Temple Square with all of the Utah Missionaries in our zone!
2. Sorella Petersen's art: The best district in the MTC
3. The best district in the MTC, in order with the picture haha
4. Our Australian missionary Anziano Davey, standing by his picture: Also done by Sorella Petersen
5. Sorella Petersen's skirt haha! I have the best companion!!
6. Our zone before the Romanians left us


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