December 25, 2019


Surprise, Arizona


Sister Fish

Merry Christmas:)

Hello! I realize (again) that it's been a while, but once again, life is busy.

Christmas time is here, and so is transfers! I was transferred to Zone 7 and surprise, surprise, I'm in Surprise Arizona! My new companion is Sister Fish, and she's great at taking pictures and so you'll see a lot more of me for the next little bit. haha.

Our mission does this thing called "Remembering Christmas" and it's held earlier in the month so that all the missionaries are able to celebrate. Basically a couple of zones at a time go to the mission home and we spend a day there. We decorated cookies to take to people when we went caroling at the end of the night - which was a blast! We had a white elephant gift exchange and I got a set of handcuffs with a note attached that said "Always stay within sight and sound of your companion."
We had dinner and we watched the Polar Express afterwards. I've never really liked polar express - the animation lowkey always freaked me out, but when you haven't seen a movie in a whole year, any movie is an awesome movie. haha - just kidding, but since I havent seen a movie in so long I saw it with different eyes, and I understand why my mission president loves it so much, if you look at it in terms of developing faith... you can get a LOT out of it. It's actually pretty cool!
After we watched the movie we watched various montage clips of the Savior while our mission president read "the Living Christ" to us. What a powerful experience. I was sitting there thinking, "Wow. the spirit is so strong right now. I have had so many experiences in this last year, and I've been becoming the best version of myself... and its all because of Him!"
Our mission presidents wife made sure each of our parents sent us a package we could open at the event which was really sweet. 3 of the elders were pulled out to dress up as the 3 wisemen and they hauled out our presents to us on this big table, it was really funny and sweet all at the same time. all the stakes in our mission also made a stocking full of goodies for each of the missionaries which was tender. Our mission president and his wife play this game called "two - ball" where basically everyone stands in a circle and try to keep these two tennis balls in the air. If you drop it then you're out. It's actually really competitive. Anyway, we recieved two tennis balls of our own with APM printed on the front of each. :) I definitely have felt very loved this holiday season.

I can't believe it's been a whole year already... that's nuts. I can't believe I only have 6 more month's to be out here! I'm honestly a little sad, I feel like time just spins faster and faster the longer I'm out here.

We've had so many miracles within this last week, it's been supercalifragilicousaxpealedocious. Don't know if I spelled that right. Anyway, every week the mission does this thing callled "hour of power" and it's held on a thursday. From 6-7 we all go finding. For this weeks hour of power, we asked our dinner to pray and to choose a part on our map for us to go to. They chose this one spot on the map and we went. When we got there we realized that on one side of the street, there was all houses. On the other side of the street, there was all apartments. We knew we could only do one so we prayed and felt like we should spend our time in the apartment complex. We were walking around and noticed a lady coming out of her door with her little son trailing behind her. We approached her and Sister Fish asked her about Christmas and if she had a place to go to church. She kind of perked up and said that she had been looking into coming back to church. She has a crazy work schedule so she said she could never make it to church, but we offered to help her develop her relationship with God again by us coming over. She was thrilled and said we could come back! It was about 6:55 and we were thinking about just moving on to some other things we had scheduled that night, but something kept telling me to knock on one more door... I hate it when that happens. haha!
We chose this one door with all these cheery lights and we knocked twice. Nothing. As we were walking away, this lady stuck her head out the door. We walked back to explain that we were the one's who knocked, and we struck up this conversation about plans for Christmas. She then asked us if we could come inside and pray for her, she was having a really rough time. We were like, "Yeah we can come in!" so we did. She talked to us for about an hour about everything that had been going on, and we talked about how we need to continually trust God in our life and He will always help us. She was so sweet. She was so grateful that we came by and after we prayed with her she felt a weight off her shoulders.

It's so interesting how God can answer multiple prayers at once. We prayed that we could see a miracle, that we could be led to SOMEBODY who needed us. She had been praying for help, and that she could recieve some assurance. God is very good in the ways of prayer matchmaking.

We've been able to make it into the homes of a lot of people the missionaries haven't been able to before this week, which is fuego. There was this one house we knocked on and they thought we were party guests so they let us right in which was kind of funny. We walked in and the owners of the house were like, "Uhm... Hi?" they told us that the church didn't gel well with their "tribe" anymore (these people are not native american) but that we could still stay and party with them. We politely declined.

Great things are happening! Love you all. (Here's some pictures we took in front of this wholesome Christ centered house)
Merry Christmas!
- Sister Hall


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