July 2, 2019


Phoenix, Arizona


Sister Slabbert

I Burnt my Eyeball...

Hello Everyone!

As you tell from my title, I burnt my eyeball. Long story short, I've been using the contact solution with the hydrogen peroxide in it and someone (me) tweaked the directions a little bit and suffered the consequences. Nothing too serious happened, I'm just reduced to wearing my glasses for a bit.

Aside from that, great things are happening! Felix was Baptized on the 15th and it was GREAT! He had one request for his baptism, and that was that there would be a pinata there... so naturally we went to the dollar store and got one and hauled it back on our bikes. It was a star shape pinata in case you're wondering.

Its been so cool to see how much the Gospel has changed Felix and his family's lives. I've been working with them since I got here and now they're all coming to church and soon they'll get their temple reccommends! They are so much closer as a family and Felix says that he feels more in control of his life and Sara (his daughter) told me that her dad getting baptized made her happy because she gets to be woth her family forever someday. a full-circle moment for me for sure, I'll always hold it close to my heart.

As for other exciting things we started teaching Tyrone again once he got out of the hospital after having a seizure in sacrament meeting (Don't remeber if I wrote about that, if I didn't, ask me when I get home) and he's had a lot of coming to God moments since then and after a wild but suprisingly productive lesson on the Plan of Salvation he accepted a baptismal date for August! YAY!!! He's overcome/overcoming MAJOR hurdles in his life right now, and I know Heavenly Fathers been helping him do that - especially as he's been coming to church.

I dont know if I've said a lot about Tyrone, but he's a guy who's been working in and out of Carnivals for the last 35 years so he's had... a life. He refuses to wear anything other than an in-and-out T shirt and some jeans to church, and he has a cat named socks and another one named casper. He cares for them greatly.

We made cookies for one of our members grandpa's this week. She hasn't been able to make him a batch in a long time due to some things that have happened so making him some treats was most appreciated! He isnt a member doesnt like the church, but he does like his recipe for splenda-margarine chocolate chip cookes so this might change things. If not, service is service.

Hope everyone is doing well! I love you all!



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