February 2, 2019


Phoenix, Arizona


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You ever feel like you do so much in a week that it feels like two weeks instead of one? I'm definitely feeling that right now. I don't know if i'll beable to fit everything in here today, but I'll try to include what I can!

The majority of this week was sort of rough. We had goals set to find people to teach, but NOBODY was interested. We were using every spare moment of the day to find people, but it seemed like we were just wasting our time. We were praying so hard just to find one person - but it wasn't happening.

Around Friday we both were a little disheartened. We'd just knocked on the last door before it was time to head over to our dinner appointment, and like everybother door that week, no one answered. As we started walking away from the house I was frustrated. I guess it was noticeable because Sister Stevens asked me what was wrong. So I stopped and said,

"I just... I don't know - all I want is for ONE nice person to be interested in what we have to say, and okay with us coming back."

And y'all, I swear, it was the freakiest thing - just when you think the Lord's not mindful of you He will show you just how much He is because not two seconds after I said that, a lady walked out of the house we just knocked on... and she was super nice, and she was interested, and she WANTED US TO COME BACK!!!!! Like, what? I don't know what's going to come of our contact with her - but it was no doubt the tender mercy that I needed that day. Later on that night, we also found another really nice lady who was interested in coming to church with her family, and she set up an appointment to meet with us again! AHHHH!!! The blessings are real y'all!

We also taught the Restoration to Shakina that night - and I cried as I shared the First Vision with her. I don't know why I did - I've never been so emotional about Joseph Smith before, and I don't know if Shakina felt it like I did, but the Spirit was so strong, and I think for the first time on my mission I really felt how important the Restoration was to me. How much it has BLESSED my life - and how so many things I thank Heavenly Father for everyday wouldn't be in my life if it didn't happen.

On Saturday we did lots of service, and from it me and Sister Stevens found two more people to teach! Its so crazy to think of how doubtful we were at the beginning to the week compared to the end of the week where we've just had miracle after miracle and answer after answer to our prayers, and all these wonderful people that we now get the privilege to share the Gospel with, and hopefully bring them closer to Christ!

Our mission holds a recent convert temple trip every month were all the recent converts can come to the temple and do baptisms for the dead for the first time together. We were escorts for one of Sister Stevens people that she had taught before I got here, so I finally got to go inside the Phoenix Temple! I've been dying to go inside ever since me and Sister Windish and Sister Welker (oh gosh I miss them! I love them so much, this mission won't come full circle until we're a trio again!) took pictures in front of it! Anyway, it was such a cool experience to see people there for their first time, and to experience the peace and the refuge the temple gives from the world. I'm definitely looking forward to the next time I get to go. :)

Before I finish here, I got some pictures I want to share! I found out that I'm allergic to like every plant here, and yo girl ran out of zyrtec, so her eyes were DRY. But that didn't keep us from trying to take cute selfies... you can still tell there's something wrong with my face.

I've also included a picture of the temple! And a pic of a drawing I did of me and my cute companions in the MTC.

Until next week!

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