April 1, 2019


Millbrook, Alabama


Kyla Thompson


Miracle number 1:Sister Thompson and I were biking up a hill and saw the "Welcome to Prattville sign" We decided to take a picture. We tried taking a picture with the phone on the bike seat. A lady pulled over and said "I just lost my job. I was driving and saw yall laughing and yall looked so happy. Can I have a hug?" By the end of the conversation we invited her to church and Gave her a book of Mormon! She said she was coming this Sunday! We biked away and Sister Thompson said "Wow! biking works!!!"

Miracle number 2: We have been seeing a couple named Christa and Chris. We felt a lot of tension. We kept going back and trying to teach but felt alot of resistance. We decided after a lot of prayer that we needed to let Christa know we do love her and that we aren't here to just convert her. We visited her in the afternoon instead of the evening so she was alone. We sat down with her and said "Christa, we love you. What happened when the first set of Sisters came over? What did you think about what they told you?" She paused and then told us "It was hard for me to understand. I just dont know what to believe anymore. I dont know what is true. And I feel guilty because i dont know what to belive but i want to teach my children about God! But when yall knocked on the door I for some reason felt drawn to you" she went on and told us her marriage has been struggling. I could not belive it! Her heart was so softened and she was telling us all of this. We later went over and taught them the Restoration. We kneeled down together and invited her you pray outloud. Although we was nervous she did it.

It was a miracle to see how Heavenly Father really does soften hearts.

Miracler number 3: Jimmie during Sacrament meeting whispered to me "I feel like I should bare my testimony!" I whispered back "Do it Jimmie. You can do it! Anything you say will be great." He got up and testified that he cannot believe he found the true church. He knows it's TRUE. He said after much of his searching and he is getting baptized next Friday!

Sister Packard

PS: we to the church on Sunday. Its about a 45 min bike. It started pouring and it was freezing! it ended up being the biggest blessing. So many people from church or Walmart are offering us rides because they saw us biking!


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