March 11, 2019


Millbrook, Alabama


Kyla Thompson

Biking Miracles

I recently memorized the scriptures when Peter is walking on the water to Jesus and immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand and caught him. I love memorizing passages of the new testament that show Christs love and His character.

Biking Miracle: We were basically out of miles for 3 days last month. We biked and biked. There is this one hill that's a dozy. Sister Waite and Sister Thompson went to a yogurt place and the girl named Savannah said "I saw yall on them bikes! I noticed one girl far ahead and the other struggling to catch up. I so badly wanted to pick yall up and take you where you needed to be!" Sister Thompson was thrilled! She came running to me at the end of the exchange and said "Biking works!!! This lady at a yogurt place saw us and wants to learn more! I added her on Facebook let's go meet her together!" We went back the next night and met and got her address. Last night we went to her home and told her about the Book of Mormon! She has lots of questions and is "excited to learn more" It makes all that biking worth it;)

Trinity: We had a powerful lesson with her. She said yes to baptism. We invited her for March 30th, she said that that is too soon. We told her we are here for her. I know if not this month, then FOR SURE in April. She texted us and said she didn't know if she could drink tea so she bought diet tea just in case. Hahaha

I love this Church. I love the Savior. I love yall!

Sister Packard

Emilio got baptized!!!!!! AHHHHH


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