February 5, 2019


Corinth, Mississippi


Kathryn Hales


This week was so good! It was a great week to end off my time with Sister Hales. I feel like she is set up for success, she will take care of the flock. We have multiple people so close to baptism, it is only a matter of when. It seems like the Lord is just pouring his blessings in Corinth. I feel like I've learned so much here. But the most special lesson I've learned is how much Christ is involved in this work. How Heavenly Father truly does listen when we pray, and how He truly does answer. I've seen too many "amazing coincidences" here. I'm excited for what is going to happen next. I'm so grateful to be in this mission, we have incredible missionaries. Transfer news: I am being transferred but will not know where until tomorrow. I'll be training whoever comes today and we will be white washing an area, meaning we are both new to the area--this will be NUTS but I'm excited. 

This week I have thought alot about failure and how it helps us grow. I read the general conference talk "Until Seventy Times Seven." I love the quote, "Sucess is growing from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm." Out here you fail all the time! I've
learned to be comfortable with that. I'm so grateful for daily joyful repentance. We get so many second chances. To develop Christ like attruibutes we go through opposition and through the furnace of affiliciton. Yoda says it best in Star Wars "Failure is the best teacher."  It is so wonderful to know we don't have to be perfect, but we can be content with trying our best and letting Christ make more of us then we ever could ourselves. 

I love our Savior Jesus Christ. I love this Church! 

I love ya'll so much!

Sister Packard 


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