December 18, 2018


Corinth, Mississippi


Kathryn Hales

Corinth Round 5

Wonderful wonderful week. We are working with Makayla who is 13 years old. She has been coming to church for 3 months now. We had a messenger lesson with her last week. We were able to ask her what her concerns are for baptism. We asked her to tell us all her worries and concerns. She was able to really open up on messenger (Facebook is such a blessing) We asked what her testimony was. She bore her testimony that she knew this church was true. She has been praying for 3 years to go to a church and it wasn't until our bishops daughter invited her to church that her prayer was answered. Her parents do not like the church. but We are making plans with Bishop and His wife to invite her parents over for dinner. Makayla wants to be baptized!!!

Last night we had a cool experience: we met this family outside the library bathroom and asked if we could come by sometime. The parents are around our age. We went in and started talking about how they met. I didn't know why but I felt like I should keep asking them about their relationship and about what they love about each other. The husband started crying and confessed they are having marriage problems and how talking about all of this brought back his memories. He said he feels guilty and wants to come back to Christ. We shared with him Alma 36 about Alma the younger and his conversion. The father was grateful we came and is determined to come to church!!! This lesson was led by the spirit!!! And we are excited because it's a whole family!

We went on exchanges. Sister Weaver came here, Shes from Chicago. She is such a good missionary. Working with her is much fun because she loves to work hard!!! Her family was taught by missionaries and she was baptized when she was 9. So cool! We know so many of the same people because she went to BYU. She went to SOAR and we talk about all the brown people at BYU hahaha

Sister Hales is doing great. Apparently her uncle is engaged to a girl who us from San Antonio. She knows the Hiltons! This world is too small. Also did I ever tell you that Aubrey Hayes served in Sister McCreaths home ward in Wyoning??! Crazy!

We are really excited about the people we are working with. The Lord is cooking up lots of good stuff for this area!!! Lots of great things in store coming up!

Sister Packard

PS: I'm staying here another transfer Wohoooooo!!!! Corinth round 5!


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