December 10, 2018


Corinth, Mississippi


Kathryn Hales

Amazing Week!

This week was amazing. Jeff was baptized this Saturday. (he is a friend of the Bishop's daughter)We are ready to work with the other amazing people we have and to baptize them as well! Jeff's mother came to the baptism. (she is not a member and we were grateful for her support) I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with Sister Schriever in Florence, Alabama. Sister Hales went with Sister Anderson here in Corinth. Sister Anderson was my companion when I was in the Provo, MTC. I learned a lot on this exchange! Sister Schriever and I also visited the college campus of Northern Alabama University (I might have made that up I forgot what it was called haha) It was so so different. The students were all walking from class to class and it made me feel like I was at BYU again. It was a fun experience.
Sister Hales is amazing. She is doing great and is so obedient.
This week was crazy. We went to all three states this week--Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. We went to Florence, then to Bessemer (3 hour drive) then had to boogie back to Corinth for Jeff's baptism! We then travelled back to Savannah, Tennessee yesterday to a junk yard and finally found the house for a Book of Mormon referral. We had to walk through a creek to get to this man's house but we were able to give him the Book of Mormon! My mission has not lacked in interesting experiences! haha
This Saturday was a mission-changing experience for me. We had the amazing opportunity to listen to two members of the Seventy--Elder Costa and Elder Johnson. I learned so much from Elder Costa. He taught us about looking through the lens of finding, teaching, and baptizing. In any situation I want to ask myself, "Is this helping me find, teach or baptize?" He taught so much about remembering who you are. It made me think of Mufasa telling Simba, "Remember who you areeeee." ;)

I love this Church. God lives and loves us. Christ is the Savior of the world.
Have a happy week!

Love, Sister Packard

PS: Update on the man who helped us with our tire: We delivered the cookies and told him thank you. He is an anesthesiologist! Hopefully more updates to come!


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