November 13, 2018


Corinth, Mississippi


Sister Remkes

One Incredible Family!

My Family!!! 

This week was just so magical. It really was. The Bean Family was baptized and confirmed on Sunday! The days leading up to the baptism were really special. We had a lesson on Saturday and we were all gathered around. We had a mini testimony meeting at the end of the lesson. Each member of the family took their turn and testified of the Book of Mormon. The Father had finished the entire Book of Mormon in only 2 months. He knew it was true. It has been incredible to see and feel the difference in their home since they have started living the gospel. The father said "I know this is true. How can this not be true? The whole thing is about Christ!" Maurice had never been baptized before (which is rare here in Mississippi). They all knew this is what they needed to do as a family. Yesterday we went over to their house and asked them how their experience was. They all said they feel clean, they feel good, they feel new! The two children both said they want to be missionaries when they grow up! And the ward is just SO excited about this family! The Beans said that they are telling all of their family and friends about the Book of Mormon. They tell them "You HAVE to read this. I promise it's not boring, it's like a movie. There are wars and ships and Jesus comes at the end!" 

We are teaching a boy named Jeff. He came to church and was able to see the baptism. After church he came up to Sister Remkes and I and said "When can I be baptized? I want to be fully commited to the church!" Sister Remkes and I just stood there amazed!

I have been reading in the Book of Mormon and marking each reference of Christ. This has been so enlightening. It is amazing to see how often Christ is mentioned. As I have been marking each verse of Christ in the Book of Mormon, I have been noticing how often Nephi attributes all of his success to the Lord. Everything that he does he always deflects his success and gives the glory to the Lord's name. It shows how Christ is in all the details in their lives. He is in everything. He is with us always. His limitless grace and mercy is avaliable to us all. 

I love ya'll so much. I always brag about how amazing my family is back in San Antone ;)

Sister Packard 

PS: Sister Remkes is leaving!!! Ill be training the new bee that comes in ;)


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