October 22, 2018


Corinth, Mississippi


Sister Remkes

My Favorite Zone Conference!

I just loved this zone conference. It was my favorite one of my mission so far. We have amazing missionaries in this mission! In zone conference we talked about how our experience determine our beliefs which determine our actions. This is how the world functions. If you want to see how someone believes, just look at how someone acts. Well we know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is:

Faith leads to Belief which leads to Action.

We don't have to depend on our lives' experiences to act. We can have Faith in someone much greater. Someone who is perfect. Someone who is all powerful and all knowing..the Savior. Right? Right! This has changed the way I view everything! It's exciting! 

Exciting things are happening here. We are teaching the Beam Family. They have started a spark in this ward. Everyone seems to be excited about this new family and excited about missionary work. We have received many member referrals because of this. Most of them are the girlfriend or boyfriend of the member (flirt to convert hehe)I have never experienced this before!! It's so exciting. Once the members saw us bringing people we are teaching to church, they have trusted us more. We had to push their(the Beam Family)baptismal date because the two parents are trying to overcome their smoking addictions. But the good news is the father went from smoking a pack of cigarettes to 5 cigarettes! We also have started doing a family night on Mondays. This has helped the ward become more unified and also allows them to invite their friends too!I'm excited about the Beam family, I'm excited to teach these referrals, and I'm excited to help this ward grow! The Beams didn't come to church this week. Later on Sunday we received a text saying, "Sorry I slept in. I was reading the Book of Mormon ‪till 2:30am.‬" hahahha I mean how can you get upset with a text like that? Love them so much. 

Sister Remkes is doing great. We have become like two peas in a pod. We are best friends. She has taught me to always remain faithful and obedient. 

I'm also excited about where this mission is going. I just feel like we are all becoming more united and that great things are happening! This is Christ's Church. I know He lives. 

Sister Packard  


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