October 2, 2018


Corinth, Mississippi


Sister Remkes

9 Months, What?!!

We had an awesome week! (ps every week is awesome with Sister Remkes because she has such a golden heart)

Sister Remkes taught me a good lesson about exact obedience. We came home from Trainer's meeting and had already gone over on our miles using our car. (we have a huge area and only limited miles so we gotta be smart with how we use them). It was dark and I suggested we take the car to see someone we are teaching, Janet. We talked about it and Sister Remkes said, "Sister Packard, exact obedience brings miracles." I was like, "Youre right! Onward we go!!!" We decided to continue on the bikes and go to Dollar General. Guess who happened to be there? Janet! Janet was there and we invited her to watch General Conference! Later that night we taught the King Lamoni---the man in Mississippi, (his name is Danny)! We taught him and his wife the Restoration! 

Tina: We were teaching Tina. We have asked to her to read over and over and she was not keeping her commitments. As it turns out she didn't know how to read very well. We promised her that if she read everyday that her reading would improve significantly as well as her test scores in school. We stopped teaching her because she wasn't progressing. 2 weeks later she called us and said, "Come over I miss ya'll!" We were really surprised. We went over to her house and Tina had her Book of Mormon on her table. She asked us to read with her. We were surprised to see that her reading had improved significantly! She told us she has been reading and asked us if we would continue to read with her...MY HEART! Love that woman! 

Alexis: We tracted into this sweet and so curious. She asks lots of questions!  We sat down and asked her what her main goals and ambitions are in life. She said "Peace. I just feel like something is missing in my life and I don't know what it is." I thought in my head, "This girl is straight up quoting Preach My Gospel!! hahahahhaa"

We decided to have a BIG church tour. We invited everyone we knew....and one family came!!! We were so excited. We made sure to have a good spiritual video at the end to add some extra umph!! 

Something I have been trying to do lately is imagining the Savior working along side us as we work. I have been imagining the Savior sitting by us while teaching, while we are praying, while we are out finding, while we extend commitments. I have felt a new love and devotion for the work! I am trying more and more to become like Him. I know that He is the living Son of the living God. His arms are always extended towards us. His grace and mercy are available to us all. As we come unto Him, we can be made whole and be filled with true and lasting peace. I love Him and I love this Church!

Sister Packard 

PS: I cant believe its been 9 months! I am still in the Two Towers part of my mission...then Return of the King hahhaha ;)
Also, Sister Remkes finally ran into her first Baptist Preacher...hahahah those are ALWAYS funny experience!


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