September 24, 2018


Corinth, Mississippi


Sister Remkes

We Be Workin!

Hey Family!!! 

Taneisha and last minute finding: We were biking along the road and we had 30 minutes until 8:30 pm. We always bike past this little girl that yells, "Why y'all always exercising!?" haha So we decided to go knock on this door. The mama opened and let us in. We taught the Restoration to her and her 3 daughters. So excited to keep teaching them! 

Marla: Marla is the woman who moved here from California with her family. They came to church again! We teach them as often as we can. They live all the way up in Enville, Tennessee (about an hour away--This area is gorgeous with rolling hills! For the first time in my life I was able to see Amish people who live here. It was very interesting!!) She said she loves how family oriented the church is here! This ward has been praying for families to move in and the Lord is answering their prayers! 

Destiny: Lately Sister Remkes and I are making each other talk to EVERYONE. No matter what. This can be really fun. Some of the coolest people we have met have been from random Destiny. We were parked at the Library unloading our bikes, then we saw Destiny and went up and talked to her. She gave us her address and we saw her the next day. When we told her about the book of mormon she said "Wait...what??? In America? This is really cool!" then she said, "So this Joseph Smith guy found these plates?" We told her how the Book of Mormon changed our lives! She then said, "Can you give me another one? I want to give it to my friend!" Planting seeds.

Two Sisters: Again we were biking and saw these two girls who are sisters. When we approached they said, "We Baptist!" (the key is to always just say, "wow that's great!" And then keep talking. hahaha) After talking for a while, we gave them each a Book of Mormon and talked about the Plan of Salvation. It is really cool to see people's interest change as we teach about God's plan for us and our purpose here on earth. They said we can come back! Again, blessings!

There was one line I was reading in Preach my Gospel that really stood out to me. " He submitted to the Father’s will in a supreme expression of love for His Father and for us. This triumph of Jesus Christ over spiritual death by His suffering and over physical death by His Resurrection is called the Atonement of Jesus Christ." Learning more about The Atonement of Jesus Christ has made me so grateful. It makes me want to try and do my best everyday. I love this Church and I love my Savior.

Sister Packard 

PS: Dad! We ran into a man from Guatemala and I asked him if I could say one line in Spanish I knew that my dad taught me. It is the one that says "Please step away from the door" He laughed and said it was pretty good! 


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