September 17, 2018


Corinth, Mississippi


Sister Remkes

Keep on Keeping On!

Mi familia!! 

Each week gets better and better. 

Patrice: We were walking and riding and talking with everyone! THEN we knocked on this woman's house. She opened the door and we talked about the Book of Mormon. In my mid sentence she says, "I'm sorry I'm going to have to stop you right there." In my mind I thought she was going to turn us away. She then says, "You know those two girls in the bible? One is working and not listening to Jesus and the other stopped what she was doing and listened? I feel like it would be better if ya'll just came in and we can talk more about Jesus." We were so happy!! hahhaha! She let us in and we gave her a Book of Mormon. Yesterday we went back and she told us how much she loved Alma 32. She said," I love the humility part and the seed enlightening your soul!" 

Janet: We were feeling ambitious after zone conference and decided to bike to Janet's home. She lives really far away. We got to her house very late in the day and she said, "Girrrllssss get off them bikes and come inside!" We gave her a large print of the Book of Mormon. She was so excited to read from it. She said, " this book is full of prophets?" We said, "Yes Janet! The prophets in the Americas!" She said, "Wait....why don't my Baptist friends know about this? I feel like I have been missing out!!" We laughed and said, "That's why we are here Janet, to tell everyone about it!" And then she proceeds to put the Book of Mormon to her heart and say, "Then I can't go one day without reading this!" MY HEART!!! Love that woman. 

Tamarra: Okay. This story makes me very happy. So Tammara was a Book of Mormon refferal (meaning she ordered a Book of Mormon online and then we delivered it to her) She has been reading and progressing and loves it all! Then (da da DUNNNN!) She moved to Jackson, Tennessee (which is out of our area) But it's okay because she still reads and she says she will be moving back to Corinth in a couple of weeks. Sister Remkes had a good idea that we could just invite her to the church there in Jackson. She called us the other day, "Seeesters! I went to the church!" We were so excited! She said she stayed all three hours and that when she moves back here she wants to join the church!!! SO EXCITED!

Marla: We have been focusing our efforts on getting the people we are teaching to come to church. Well after sacrament meeting a member comes up to us (who just moved in) and tells us to go meet his son and his wife. We went and met them. SO NICE! From California (so of course I talked all about Erico and asked about California hahah) and the wife is named Marla. She told us that she grew up a Catholic but thought she would try out this church and is VERY open to learning more. She is excited for us to come by and we are excited to teach her! 

Danny: He was a referral from a member. He is a retired Principal from the area schools here. I feel like we are teaching the King Lamoni in Mississippi version. Hahaha The lesons are intense and SO fun! 

I've been thinking a alot about my relationship with Jesus Christ. We come to know Him by living His gospel, by living His teachings. To know if we are being successful is if we have the desire to share the gospel with all of His children. When Jesus told Peter "Feed my sheep" ---Everyday I am striving to come to know Him better. I am grateful for His love and because I know this I can turn to Him to help me. 

Sister Packard 


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