September 10, 2018


Corinth, Mississippi


Sister Remkes

The Best of the Best People

Hello Fam Fam!! 

So this week was full of good stuff! 

Heather: So Heather had some church history issues...BUT we told her that any issue will be resolved if she reads the Book of Mormon. She texted us last week and told us that she is in 2 Nephi 2! This woman is chugging along! SO EXCITED!

Tamarra: Tamarra was so solid, then she moved to Jackson, Tennessee. No worries, because she is moving back to Corinth in a couple of weeks. Turns out she has been reading this whole time and is in Alma 14! 

Tina and Shyron: Tina and Shyron both decided that they want to be "saved." So we asked them what we could do to help them prepare for baptism. She said she wants to know the scriptures better. We made a deal with her that we would come over everyday and read with her and the fam for only 15 minutes! 

Janet: My goodness I love this lady so much. We went over the other day. Right when we sat down she said, "Now girls I just love this spirit world y'all taught me. My mama and daddy are there right now aren't they?" It was so cute. She told us how she asked all her Baptist friends at church about this doctrine but they just didn't seem to know what she was talking about. She then went on Facebook and posted about it. hahahahhaa. She is so excited that she has discovered the Plan of Salvation and how it all makes sense! She's so fun to teach because she is like a sponge. She soaks up everything and gets really excited about all she is learning! 

RV land: We were sitting on a bench after biking up a big hill. Then these two ladies sat infront of us. We started talking about Heavenly Father and these ladies gave us their address. Sonia was one of these ladies. She told us what road she lived on and she lived in an RV. Sister Remkes and I searched for this RV and finally found her!!!! We talked about faith and Sonia said, "You have to plant the word in your heart and let it grow." I was like....well Alma 32 would be a great place to start! Really excited about her! 

Amelia: The Elders in Boonville (yes that really is the town hahaha) gave us a referral! She approached the Elders and told them how one of her Childhood best friends is from our church and was married in our Temple. We went and visited her the next day! It was so cool! She is a journalist. So I talked alot to her about Advertising and how I will pursue that avenue when I return to BYU. THEN, we asked why she wanted to meet with us. She told us how she has been to so many churches but she has always been curious to know what her childhood friend believes in. Her father is sick and she wanted to know what our beliefs were on the afterlife. It was really cool to see how her friend had made a lasting impression on her. It shows how important it is to always represent our Savior Jesus Christ and to emulate His example--People remember, and gravitate towards the light of the gospel! 

I love the people here so much. They are all so sweet and so so so loving! 

Sister Packard 

PS: I love yall so much!!!! Ya'll are my friends! 


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