August 27, 2018


Corinth, Mississippi


Sister Remkes


Mama sent me Eric's pictures at the temple. I am so proud of that boy. My heart can't even stand it!!! 

My new companion is Sister Remkes. She is the definition of sweet! She is from a small town in Utah. She is 1 of 7 kids! She knows a lot about gem stones which I thought was cool! She has been here for 4 days and LOVES IT!!! 

Tina: We have been working with her for about a month. She is a cute southern lady around 40. We have been asking her to read the book of mormon. Everytime she tells us that she hasnt read, we ask her again and tell her that seh will be blessed. Last week we sad down with her and asked her why she hasnt been reading. What is holding her back? She was quite for a long time and then admitted that she couldnt read. My heart!!! We told her that we would come and read with her everyday!! She is so sweet! 

Brandon: He has gone from a pack of smoking to 1 a day!!! Ill tell you what, we are seeing miracles here! We are working with him and lovingly pushing him along to ovrcome this addiction and to be baptized! 

Amelia: Amelia is cool! We put up a sign in the library that talked about family search and put on number on the bottom. One lady called us (which I was suprised) We met at the library and she asked if we could help her find more invormation about her fiance who passed away! Sister Remkes is a wizard with family hisotry and we found lots of good stuff! We then taught about the Plan of Salvation and Amelia just lit up!! For sure a highlight of the week! 

Misty: We were at the library and had to go to the bathroom. When we walked in Misty said "Hello! Are yall missionaires?! Give me a pamphlet or something." I was suprised hahahha. We taught about the resotrtiona and book of mormon in the bathroom and she gave us her number! Cool experience! Before we left she said "I dont know why everyone runs away from yall! Yall are nice!" 

Heather and Cody: We have been working with them for a month! Cody has issues with priesthood (he thinks he has it already) and Heather wants to be baptized but she wants to do it with Cody. Finally I blurted out "What are you issues and what can we do to help you resolve them?" (being on a mission has made me more blunt hahahaha) We promised them that if they diligently read the Book of Mormon everyday and honestly asked HEavenly FAther if it was true that he would answer! This family is one of my favorites. 

Dollar General: Supringly Dollar General is poppin at 8 pm! We have been going there everynight instead of Walmart and its been AWESOME! 

George and Janet: We were store contacting and a man comes up to me and asks "Are you the daughter of the Indian man working that the gas station?" I said no hahaha. But we started talking and got his address. We drove up to his house and no joke this was the nicest house I have ever knocked on! Geore was there and said "Go inside my wife is probably in there!" We went in and met Janet! She is SUCH A SOUTHERN BELL! So sweet. She listened to us and said she would read the Book of Mormon (after we shared a scripture from Alma 40) I am always shocked by how nice everyone is here! 

More and more I have come to see for myself how aware our Heavenly Father is of each of us. There have been so many times this week were I think "My goodness what a coinciendece!" But then I remind myself of how there is divine design. I know that He loves us. I love that He hears and answers our prayers! 

Sister Packard 


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