August 6, 2018


Corinth, Mississippi


Sister Kate Knox

Love This Area A lot!


Some really really great experiences this week!

Tamara Murell: She was a Book of Mormon Referral. Meaning that she orded a Book of Mormon online and the missionaries will deliver it to her. She was SO interested in what we were saying. She has a southern bell accent..I love it when we meet people like this. We taught the Restoration and read the Book of Mormon with her. Before we left she said," We wanna come to ya'lls chruch. We need a church family!" 

Rebecca: We were tracting and found Rebecca! She is so prepared. She wants to do what God wants her to do. She asked, "What would becoming a Mormon do to me?" I didn't know how to answer that question in 30 we taught the Restoration. When we recited the First Vision she started crying. She is SO solid. She said that she would like for us to come read with her so she can understand the Book of Mormon better.

Heather: We wanted to help Heather clean, but instead she told us that she just wanted to "hear the word" because she was really stressed. It was cool that she asked us to come when she was feeling sad! 

Brandon Holt: We taught him the Word of Wisdom and Plan of Salvation! We are really hoping to teach everything before August 18th, his baptism day! Prayers.

Tina: We have invited Tina to church but she was not coming. SO we woke up early Sunday morning, made pancakes, brought them to her house before church, and SHE CAME! We were sitting in testimony meeting and she hadn't come..but the last 15 minutes she came and brought her 2 children. That made my whole Sunday! SO HAPPY!

Sara Beth: We always bike past a house that has this tiny dog that barks at us. We decided that the dog actually liked us and we named it "Dog". Well one day we were riding past and there was a woman sitting outside with Dog. I pulled over and said "I have a quick question...we always drive past your dog and don't know its name" Sara Beth started laughing. We talked about her dog for a while and then we somehow transitioned into her family and her church. She has struggled with all her family members passing from cancer. We shared a scripture in the Book of Mormon! 

Bus Driver Lady: Sister Knox has this fantasy of one day driving a bus around the country. We were tracting and saw a bus sitting outside of a house. When we approached I said, "My companion loves buses. We have questions about your bus driving experience." The lady laughed and we talked for a while about her life and family. Then I said, "Have you ever met with missionaries?" She said yes and that she was not very fond of them but she liked how we weren't pushy. She then started to tell us how she has asked all the other churches what their stance was on families when we all pass away. The spirit was so strong at this point. We told her that families are forever. That death is not the end of our existence! She was so grateful to have met us and we are going to see her again! 

Timothy: We had a Bible Referral in Hickory, Tennessee! When we pulled up Timothy was already out of the house. When we got out of the car I said, "Are you Timothy?" He said yes and looked really suspicious and nervous. I said, "Great. We know everything about you." I paused and then said just kidding we are here to give you your Bible. He laughed and we told him about the Book of Mormon. Before we left he said, "I'm so glad God sent me ya'll. Ya'll are just what I needed!" 


I wish I could write more but I'm running out of time.

I love ya'll so much! Have a wonderful week!!!


Sister Packard


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