July 30, 2018


Corinth, Mississippi


Sister Kate Knox

Hey! The Church Girls are here!!!

This past week was awesome! I'm learning the ropes. This town has a really cool feeling. It feels like the old south. Lots of old churches. The goal this week for me has been trying to figure out where to start in this HUGE area. I felt like there was this huge pile of tasks and I didnt know where to start. Our area covers alot and I felt like what we were doing was not effective. So lots of praying. Something I realized is that a mission is what you make of it. Yes Heavenly Father will bless you, but only when you put in some effort, and do the best that you can do. He will make up the rest. I was studying about Jesus Christ and His Atonement and read a talk by Brad Wilcox. I'm starting to understand the Atonement more and more. Sometimes I feel like I fall short of where I need to be as a missionary. BUT, I have learned that Jesus Christ is helping mevbefore, during, AND after all we can do. As long as we expend our own efforts. That has been motivating me ALL week and our prayer was answered!!!! A family moved in and gave us the counsel that we should dream big and make big goals! We made a goal to start a branch in Savannah, Tenneseee! I'm SO PUMPED!


I love love love Sister Knox. She is funny. She has me laughing all the time. 
We were able to have some awesome experiences this week. 

At church a boy named Brandon Holt came up to us and told us he wants to be baptized! He has been coming for a while but wasn't able to be baptized because of family problems. We have been teaching him and are planning for his baptism on August 18th! 

We had Zone Conference and President Sainsbury told us all about how planning is the secret sauce to missionary work. He is happy with all the biking we are doing. Our mission was only allotted 60,000 miles driving our cars and we are at 180,000. However, the mission culture has changed in the past couple of months when we all decided to start biking. Now we are only at 64,000 miles! Biking is good for the soul!

Pioneer Day was this past Saturday! We invited a lot of people to this. A family came!!! We were SO happy. We are currently teaching them. Afterwards we did a church tour and invited them to church. 

Cody and Heather: Cody and Heather know the Bible front and back. Cody read the Book of Mormon for fun a couple of years back. He was in church and his preacher talked about how the Mormons worshipped a different God. He didn't like that so he ordered a Book of Mormon and asked the missionaries to come over. We have been teaching him ever since then. Cody believes that he already has the priesthood. Sister Knox and I have the goal to get him reading and praying to know if the Book of Mormon really is the word God! We told him to decide whether the Book of Mormon is filled with good stories and words, or if they are filled with true words or both.

In our ward the talks have all been about sacrifice. As we sacrifice and serve and are obedient, we will come to know our Savior, Jesus Christ. Gordon B. Hinckley said, "Our greatest sacrifice will be the greatest investment you have ever made." 

I love serving in this area and I know that Jesus Christ is working WITH us! 

Sister Packard 


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