June 25, 2018


Alexander City


Madison McCreath

19 Going On 20

Hey Hey Hey! 

Wow! This week was insanity. Busy! Loved it. 

Some Highlights: 

Gabby and Cris: Gabby and Cris just got married. We had the opportunity to go to their house and help them clean and organize. They haven't been able to organize anything since they were married, but Sister McCreath and I were able to transform the place. They are SO nice. Gabby was baptized 2 years ago and is our age. She later took us to where she works--at GiGi's cupcakes. 

Belyeus: We went over to the Belyeus after and talked to them. They are one of my favorite families. They are all SO SMART. Brother Belyeu is a technician. Every electronic in their house was found in a dump and he was able to fix it and make it brand new. Every time we get to talk to him, it's like being at a TED talk. He's so fun to talk to. 

Derek: Derek is about to serve a mission in California so we have been bringing him around with us. On Thursday we went to teach Chi Chi and Andrea. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. Chi Chi told us he looked Mormons up on Google...I was no no hahaha you need to go to He said he read some interesting things. We told him to go to the source. Then we went to go see Pam. We hadn't seen her in a month and when she opened the door, it was like a Packard family reunion "Hey!!!! Hey!!!" She was so happy to see us! Then we knocked on this house we went to a month ago. Her name is Latonya. She said she has been around Jehovah Witnesses before but when she saw us she said we "had a good spirit about us." She had been praying to see us again.

We then went to see Patsy and her friend Sandy (who is not a member) was there. We each shared our favorite scriptures in the New Testament. Sandy was tearing up. She loved it! She loved how we read from the Bible. 

President Anderson: So our branch President has never invited us over before....but he did this week!!! We have been asking if we could come and serve them. We were able to garden with Sister Anderson. We planted tomatoes and picked weeds, and lots of other gardening type of things. Sister McCreath was in heaven and was teaching me how to do it all. Their daughter, Jessica, is less active. She was there and before we left we shared a scripture. Good Stuff! 

Lisa: Lisa is a woman we found at Walmart and let us come see her. She has been struggling with depression. When we taught her the Plan of Salvation she literally lit up. When we told her that she was a child of God she became really quiet and started listening. We told her that God loves you perfectly and knows you perfectly. We told her that knowing who you are is one of the most valuable pieces of information to know. 

Mike and Kim: Mike was baptized a couple of months ago. Kim (his wife) is still hesitant. We invited them to start having family prayer every single night. It's amazing what that will do...she has been more open ever since. 

Elijah: Man I love that boy. So cute. You just want to squish his face every time you see him. We were planning his baptism for this week, but it was moved to hopefully next week at the Lake! 

Rod: After 6 months...I finally convinced Rod to move to Provo! hahaha He needs to get out of Alex City! He's leaving this week. He was a great branch mission leader. 

I'm happy and love serving a mission. I love my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ.  

Sister Packard 

PS: Gonna have a bama party tomorrow ;) WOOO! 

We were not able to take any pics this week.


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