June 4, 2018


Alexander City


Madison McCreath

Ya'll stay hydrated now ya hear?!

Hahaha I'm already laughing when typing this, because I don't even know where to start.

We had a lesson with Pam (she is 35ish years old). It started off with her telling us that she wants to come closer to God, but she doesn't feel worthy to. She is so genuine. She really wants to change. We told her to start with the little things and big things will happen. To buy a journal and record her thoughts. That change can happen as fast as you want it to. You just have to decide today, right now.

Our branch President, President Anderson invited us to go to Burger King (This was a big deal for us because he hasn't invited us to get food before...we were probably more excited than we should have been) It was past 9:00 pm when we finished. We were past curfew but we were on the bikes. On our way back we took this weird route and ended up being in a random backyard of someone's house. We had to walk up a big ditch. It was dark and all I hear is Sister McCreath going "Go Go Go!" I look over and a pitt bull is running at us. I got stuck in thorns and had to pull my bike along. Sister McCreath booked it up the ditch...and there is Sister Packard just struggling. hahaha Afterwards we laughed for so long. Lesson learned...the Whopper just isn't worth it.

We were riding our bikes along the road and a man yells out "Hey come talk to me!" His name is Charles. He is in his 60's. We talked with him and invited him to Church. He came to church and the gospel principles class was about baptism. Charles raised his hand in the middle of the class and said, "Ya'll keep talking about Baptism. I am 60 years old and have never been baptized. I want to have that good feeling too."

Danielle came to church again for the 4th time! Danielle is a writer. A company in New York invited her to present her book idea with them. She just came back from New York and said that they want to publish it. She has been so busy. We haven't been able to teach her all the lessons yet..BUT we asked her if she wants to be baptized in the lake or font. She said she will pray about it. We are planning on June 16th!

There is power in remembering people's names. We were riding along and we saw a man we met once. We said, "Adryon!" He was so happy that we remembered his name. He invited us in to teach him. We taught him the Restoration. At the end we read the introduction to the Book of Mormon. He read the last paragraph and said, "The FULLNESS of the truth." He look up at us surprised to make sure he read it right. We said, "Yes!" He said, "Well dang. That's the truth right there." haha

I know the Church is true! I love Jesus Christ and I love this work!

Sister Packard

PS: I am permanently the piano player now in the oh man haha

PPS: The Smiths are taking us to the Blue Bell Factory soon!

We were sad because we though D'angelo dropped us, but he just sent us this

" I’m glad I had got a response back from y’all I thought y’all would been kind of sour cause I haven’t been txting y’all back I was just going through a lot the month of May smh!! But that’s no excuse for not responding back to y’all which I deeply apologize for if y’all accept my apology ....I’ve still been reading too! When I ain’t just overwhelmed with so much i get in at least two hours of reading! If y’all are free Thursday Or Friday afternoon around 5 could we schedule to talk then!:) "

HAHA He's so funny!!!


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