May 29, 2018


Alexander City


Madison McCreath

Alex City Round 4/Let's Go!

I'm at a relief society activity and a member in my branch holds a phone up to me and it's Mother telling me that Erico is going to CALIFORNIA!! WOHOOO!!! I am SO excited. Words can't describe how excited I am. Erico!!!! I couldn't be more proud. I love you so much. You're going to be such an amazing missionary. The call is so perfect for him. Oh my goodness. Spanish. Speaking. WOW! I just wanna hug him so tight!

This week was very crazy. But I like it when it's crazy hahaha It makes missionary work interesting and fun!

Ramierz Family. There is a man in our branch who calls us and tells us that he has a family that he wants us to go and teach. We went over and met them. Oh. My. Goodness. They are so awesome. They are from Mexico. So you KNOW I am already obsessed with them. Hahaha They are so open to hearing our message.

Chi Chi: Yes one of our investigators name is Chi Chi. We asked him what his goals are in life. He said "I don't just wanna talk the talk, I wanna walk the walk." So he is very open to learning more. He encouraged his wife, Andrea, to listen too. She is from New Jersey. At the end of the discussion we invited her to be baptized and she said, "Imma be real...I'm not going to do something I don't want to do." We responded, "We don't want you to either. We want you to know the truth of our message for yourself." She was comforted hearing that. Chi Chi and Andrea are funny. Chi Chi is a die hard Auburn fan. Andrea is Roll Tide all the way.

Sandra: We were tracting and met this elderly woman named Jean. We discovered that she is obsessed with family history. She is a devout Methodist but loves the missionaries. Her next door neighbor came over, Sandra, and sat with us. They went on and on about Blue Bell and how much they both love it so much. Sister McCreath (she's from Wyoming) afterwards really wanted some Blue Bell. One day I will accommodate and buy some! Sandra was so interested in who we were and what Mormons believed in. Sandra is a Baptist. So a Methodist, a Baptist, and 2 Mormon missionaries had a really neat discussion about Jesus Christ. Sandra called us later that week and asked if we could come help her move things in her house. Her Husband passed away 5 months ago and she moved to Alex City recently. We helped her moving boxes and furniture. She shared with us her favorite scriptures from the Bible. She wants us to come back!

Danielle: She called us on Wednesday telling us that she was at the church and asking where everyone was. She was an hour early to Book of Mormon class. We were so excited she came! We had Book of Mormon class, and afterwards Sister McCreath had the amazing idea of doing family history with her. We were able to find a lot of her ancestors. Danielle was so excited and she really opened up when she talked about her family.

Later that week we were store contacting in a Thrift store. The manager there told us that if we knew any people who would like to work there to let her know.

Last night Danielle asked if we could talk. We called her and she was so stressed out because her Mom has been upset that she is going to our church. She told her if she doesn't find a job by tomorrow she is going to have to move out. Sister McCreath reminded me that the manager at the Thrift store just told us how she needs to hire someone. We both were really excited and told Danielle that she could get a job at the Thrift Store. We told her to pray and ask God what she should do and to read Ether 12 in the Book of Mormon.

It was really cool seeing the Lord's hand in all of this. We are excited for Danielle to keep progressing towards baptism.

This week the member who usually plays the piano had her baby! So I did my best and played for sacrament meeting. Man oh man. Dad teaching me chords really came into play here. I survived.

I was listening to a talk by Elder Uchtdorf and he was saying that if you are obedient to the small things how great things will come to pass. You'll look back and see that the dots really do connect. I loved that. If we do the simple and small things as best as we can we can see the Lord's hand in our life, even miracles. I love this Church. I love my Savior Jesus Christ.



Sister Packard

PS: Transfer calls were last night. Sister Packard and Sister McCreath are staying together! Alex City round 4! WOHOO


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