April 30, 2018


Alexander City


Madison McCreath

There Can Be Miracles! When you Believe!

Fam Fam!

Sister McCreath and I had a really cool experience yesterday.

So Recap!
So last week we were in the car doing area book. It was a really windy day. The woman next to us accidentally hit us with her car door because of the wind. But we told her that it didn't even leave a mark. We asked her if she had ever met with missionaries. She said she was looking for a church. Her name is Danielle. We set up an appointment, went over and taught her, invited her to come to church, she came to church. Later we invited her to come to talk with us again, and with a member in our branch Patsy.

Danielle brought her friend James. The moment we sit down, James just pours out his heart to us. We asked him what he thought the purpose to life was. We asked him to flip to Alma 34. We taught them both the Restoration. We bore testimony about how the BOM has changed our life, and how it can help you find more peace, direction, and closer to God. James told us when he was coming to over to talk to us, he thought we were going to be some rich, and fancy people, driving nice cars and judging him. But when he pulled up with Danielle, he was surprised to see two young girls with bikes and hemlets! haha

He later went home and told his Mother all about us. He called her and said "Mom! I think I found the church that we have been looking for. But I need you to have an open mind. Okay? Promise? Okay. It is the Mormon church." He showed her the Restoration pamphlet, and showed her the Book of Mormon. His mother, Kathlyene, could not believe it. She told him that she needs to see us as soon as possible.

Wow! We told Kathyene she can meet us at the church. She told us that when her son came home, she has never seen him so excited about something for a long time.

She told us how she was been looking for a church her whole life. She's been to so many. She always knew that there was more than just the bible, that there was more out there. But she didn't know where to find it. She knows that you cant just "learn" or "buy" authority from God. We asked her "What are you looking for in life?" She told us "I just want the truth. I want the truth and I don't care what I have to do to learn I just want to know."

We taught her the Restoration, we told her how the proper priesthood authority has been restored, we bore testimony. When we told her about the Book of Mormon, her eyes started to tear up and she said "That makes sense. Wow. I've always knew that Jesus talked to more people than just of what we hear in the Bible." She picked up the Book of Mormon like it was the most precious thing she's ever seen. We invited her to be baptized and she said yes

Idk why but ever since I've been out here I cry WAY more hahaha! You KNOW I was a mess during this lesson.

Thank you windy day for blowing Danielle's car door into ours. And who knew that would lead us to Kathylene.

Love yall!

Sister Packard


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