April 16, 2018


Alexander City


Gemma Dimon

Transfers! The Texas Sisters are Splitting Up

Hey Hey ya'll! Sister Dimon and I have been running around all day like a chicken with its head cut off. We have been cleaning, and cleaning and more cleaning because Transfers are tomorrow! Sister Dimon is leaving and I will be staying here in Alex City. My Trainer is leaving me. Scary and exciting and a lot of other emotions.

So this was our last District Meeting. These are my missionary friends. I really liked this District! The two on the left (one is from Idaho, the other Arizona) the two in the middle (Both from Utah)

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Sister Dimon and I were able to do some service at a baseball game! So fun! P.S. Go Cougars!!

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This is what I eat most days! Lentil Soup!!

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​We found this cute dog and we named it bear!

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​We were able to go to a member's home. She lives on a farm!! Lots of goats, chickens, rabbits, and cats.

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​So there was a group of people around my age who were all smoking and sitting in a Uhaul. We approached them and asked them if they had ever met with the missionaries before. They all said no. We gave them all a copy of the Book of Mormon. We told them how reading the BOM will bring more peace and direction in their life than any other book. Later that evening one of the girls in that group posted the following. It surprised us because she appeared to be the most distant of the group.

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​Some of my most spiritual experiences have been during my personal study time. That is my most favorite time of the day. Right now I am in Alma and I love reading from this book. I get excited about missionary work and it gets me pumped to share the gospel. This is one of my favorite verses:

Alma 37:47

"Look to God and live."

I love you all so much! Sorry this email was short. I had left my journal at home.
Have a wonderful week!

Sister Packard:)


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