April 9, 2018


Alexander City


Gemma Dimon

3 Months Old!

Hey Hey! Sister Packard and Sister Dimon going strong. 

The Assistant to the President called us and asked us to sing for Elder Klebingat, a seventies general authority. We were going to sing a Primary Medley, "I'm trying to be like Jesus/ He sent his Son." But it was a doozy! So we switched to "Whenever I hear the Song of a Bird" Song. 

Intense my goodness: Elder Klebingat came to our mission. Holy. Cow. He rocked my world!! He totally rewired my little missionary brain. He was so intense. I experienced a complete game changer, so to speak, in our zone conference. He talked a lot about our pre-mortal existence. How we are so limited to our capacity to comprehend the environment and what it must have been like. He talked about how God sent us down at a time when we would do the most good. My Sister Packard brain was like, "Wow." He said, "Whether you like or don't like to do things in this mission is irrelevant. Get to work." I was like, "You're right!" And he said, "Show the Lord what you've got! Stop playing around." This paragraph did not do what he said justice, but it put an umph in my step. 

Thanks Patsy!: We were going to go tracting but then we both felt like we should go see a member in our branch named Patsy. (she is Mike's mama) She started telling us how she was born and raised in Alex City and how she grew up on a street called Lindsey Rd. We had a nice visit with her. After we left Patsy's house, we looked at each other and we thought, "Let's go to Patsy's old stomping grounds..Lindsey Road." Right when we got out of our car, an Elderly woman with a cane comes walking out and says, "I haven't seen y'all in a while! Come on in!" There were two other people in her living room who were apparently taught by the missionaries a couple of years back! But they all started asking us questions. They were sincere questions. Cool experience! Patricia and friends, Sister Dimon and I will see you soon! hahaha We are going back later this week. 

God is our loving Heavenly Father: Mike was asked to give his first talk ever so we went over to his house to go over it with him. Kim (his wife who we are teaching) came up to us teary eyed. The night before we went over to their house and told Kim she is a Child of God and invited her to pray to Heavenly Father. Pray as if he was sitting right next to her not like He is up in the sky somewhere. Pray as if it is a conversation rather than praying to some random star in the sky....if any of that made sense. We invited her to pray and ask God if she was a Child of God. She told us that the next day she was shopping with her Mom in a thrift store and she noticed two "I am a Child of God" bracelets. She immediately thought of us and she started sobbing. She said she felt God's love. We were just crying when she was telling us the story. She gave us the bracelets and a big hug. KIM! She's so sweet. 

I know that God is a perfect, loving, all powerful, all knowing Father in Heaven. Whose whole purpose is for us to have eternal life, to give us all that He has and to bring us home in the arms of His love. 

Luke 1: 45 "And blessed is she that believed"

Love ya'll so much! 

Sister Packard :) 


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